The Golden Girls

Season 6 Episode 5

Wham, Bam, Thank You, Mammy

Aired Unknown Oct 20, 1990 on NBC

Episode Recap

One year after her father's death, Blanche must go through his things. Rose helps her, discovering items like a Bible that's actually hollow with a bottle of liquor in it. Meanwhile, Sophia secretly hires a matchmaker to help Dorothy get a date.

Shortly after, Blanche is paid a visit for the first time since she's ten years old by her Mammy Watkins. Blanche is stunned that Mammy would ask for the music box that she gave their family, especially since Mammy left her without a word of farewell or explanation. Even more shocking is Mammy's admission to Blanche that Mammy and Big Daddy had an affair and that she had to leave because Blanche's mother had found out.

In the meantime, Dorothy goes on a date with a gentleman who apparently spent time in a corrections facility. Dorothy finds out at the end of the date that she was set up by a matchmaker, hired by Sophia. Furious, she and Sophia have an argument and are no longer on speaking terms.

Mammy Watkins comes by again and drops off a stack of love letters written by Big Daddy to her. Blanche reads them and tells the girls how shaken she is by them. She plans to burn them, along with the music box, but the girls urge her to talk with Mammy instead.

Rose has a heart-to-heart with Dorothy, trying hard not to incorporate St. Olaf stories into her wisdom. She convinces Dorothy that Sophia only had her best interest in mind, and gets Dorothy to speak with Sophia again.

Mammy comes by one more time per Blanche's request, and discovers that Mammy was actually in attendance at Blanche's wedding, but she just never saw her because Mammy had to stay out of sight. Blanche decides to give Mammy the music box, but when she does, Mammy tells her that it isn't the one Big Daddy gave her! The two wonder who could have possibly given him this one.