The Golden Girls

Season 6 Episode 22

What a Difference a Date Makes

Aired Unknown Mar 23, 1991 on NBC

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  • ...Babbling bubble-headed bleach blonde baboon!

    This is a very funny episode, aside from the fact that it makes me feel so sorry for Dorothy. Sophia sure could be a jerk... She should've told Dorothy the truth. It wasn't fair to let her go her whole life thinking she was stood up at prom, can't imagine that... But anyway, it's a very well written episode, quite hilarious and chock-full of humorous moments. I love the scene where Dorothy and John are at the medieval restaurant ("How is the pheasant?"..."It's chicken, do you like chicken?") Ha! And when the minstral starts singing the theme song to Gilligan's Island, I ALWAYS crack up. That is great stuff! Not to mention the side plot of Blanche going on a diet. LOVE the scene where Blanche loses it because Rose ate her sensible meal. The whole thing is so classic!
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