The Golden Girls

Season 7 Episode 5

Where's Charlie?

Aired Unknown Oct 19, 1991 on NBC
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Episode Summary

Where's Charlie?
After Miles gives Rose a friendship ring, Rose becomes convinced Charlie is trying to contact her from the grave with the message that he disapproves of her relationship with Miles. Meanwhile, Blanche begins coaching her new baseball player boyfriend.

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  • Sophia is mean to Rose

    I don't really like this episode. I feel sorry for Rose... Sophia is really disgustingly mean. Plus it's kind of boring. Blanche's boyfriend is flat and dull - the only part that's funny is at the end where he's in the dress and Dorothy says, "Blanche, you really know how to mold a man." Another highlight, when Miles is trying to get Rose to reach into his pocket and then catches Sophia watching... haha! I don't know... I think a lot of the seventh season jokes and one liners are actually some of the best in the series, and they are good in this episode, I'm just not a big fan of the plot.moreless
  • Season 7, Episode 5.

    This episode was pretty good. Blanche being a slut is pretty funny... Funny enough for seven seasons! Miles and Rose are together, whether they're just friends or not, and they are still funny. Rose doesn't know what side of the ring the stone goes on! Haha! And Miles says that there is something in his pocket, and Rose tells him that the line didn't work the night before, and it won't work now! Haha! Rose being afraid by the light in the refrigerator was hilarious! Rose is paranoid that Charlie is trying to contact her from beyond the grave. Sophia saying that Blanche not going near the refrigerator was a miracle! Haha!moreless
  • Blanche\'s coaches a baseball player when she knows nothing about the sport.

    I thought the idea of Rose thinking Charlie was contacting her was hilarious. It was funny to see how Sophia made her believe it. It was mean, but at least Sophia apologized. The baseball player story was funny with the underwear thing and Blanche hitting the ball at the batting cage. All in all, great addition to season seven.
  • Very funny episode.

    As Blanche begin to coach her boyfriend baseball team.Rose gets an ring from Miles.As she looked through the fridge.She begins to doubt her relationship with Miles.When she see's the cantelop.She begins to say that Charlie is contacting her from the grave.After the fruits fall.Charlie told Rose to give the ring back.Blanche's boyfriend leaves for Tokyo.Which means breaking up with her as well.After Dorthy found out the mean trick that sophia played on Rose.She made Rose go and tell Rose what she did.

    Yeah it was funny.How Sophia pretended that Charlie tooked over her body.Even to force Rose to think about breaking up with Miles as well.moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • In this episode, Sophia mentions how Sal has been dead for seventeen years. However, in season four, Dorothy says that her father has been dead for twenty-seven years.

  • QUOTES (7)

    • Rose: Impersonating Charlie was the meanest thing you've ever done to me.
      Sophia: Not true, what about the time I buried you up to your neck in sand at the beach and charged the kids a quarter to let them throw baseballs at you?
      Rose: Well I can't hold that against you, that was for charity.
      Sophia: Charity, right.

    • Sophia (after pretending to be Charlie) What happened?
      Rose: Sophia, the most amazing thing just happened. Charlie was in your body!
      Sophia: Really? If I'd known he was coming I would have tidied up a bit.

    • Sophia: (to Dorothy) That's how you talk to your mother? Drop that in a letter to your father - how sassy you've gotten since menopause!

    • Sophia: You're training him by letting him wear your underwear? Didn't I see this movie before? A young woman coaches a baseball player and he goes to live with the Indians? What was it called, "Dances with Bulls"?
      Dorothy: Ma, you're confusing "Bull Durham" with "Dances with Wolves".
      Sophia: So what? You get to see Kevin Costner's buns in both of them.

    • Sophia: What're you doing?
      Dorothy: If you must know, I'm writing a letter to Pop.
      Sophia: Same pop who's been dead for 17 years?
      Dorothy: Yep.
      Sophia: There's nothing sadder than your child losing it before you do.

    • Sophia: It's past your bedtime.
      Dorothy: Ma, I'm over 60 years old, I can stay up as late as I want.
      Sophia: No, the agreement was when you were 65 you could stay up as late as you want.

    • Dorothy: (To Sophia, after Rose explains to Dorothy that the reason she gave the ring back to Miles was because Charlie "spoke" to her in Sophia's body) You're a horrible little person.
      Sophia: Oh, come on. Like you've never pretended to be possessed by someone's dead husband for a couple of laughs.
      Dorothy: You know, you have really ruined Rose's relationship with Miles.
      Sophia: If you could have seen her face when I talked like Charlie-- I almost wet myself!

  • NOTES (1)