The Golden Girls

Season 4 Episode 4

Yokel Hero

Aired Unknown Nov 05, 1988 on NBC



  • Trivia

    • The length of time it would take to get to "St. Olaf, MN" is very dramatically portrayed in this episode.  While on the plane, Rose says that there isn't any reason why they shouldn't be in St. Olaf in a couple of days (48 hours).  In reality, if one were to fly from Miami to Minnesota, you would most likely go to the Minneapolis/St. Paul airport.  From that point the farthest point to anywhere in Minnesota would only be about 4 hours by car.  So, the fact that Rose says it will take 2 days makes no geographical sense at all.

    • Rose says Woman of the Year is the town's highest honor. Yet in "Ladies of the Evening" Butter Queen is St. Olaf's highest honor. Apparently in St. Olaf you have to be honest and know how to churn butter equally.

    • In season three Dorothy is terrified and on the verge of a heart attack at the thought of flying on a big jetliner, but apparently that fear has vanished, and she has no trouble flying on a plane much less safe than that.

    • The girls are complaining about the horrible heat wave in this episode, and yet they're all wearing pants and long sleeves!

    • Rose's St. Olaf Woman of the Year trophy was a milk chocolate statue.

  • Quotes

    • (Blanche, Rose and Dorothy walk into the kitchen for ice cream. Sophia is standing at the refrigerator with the door open, holding open her robe
      Dorothy: Ma, what are you doing?
      Sophia: I'm giving the leftover meatloaf a thrill! What do you think, it's hot as hell in here!
      Dorothy: Ma, close it before the food spoils!
      Sophia: OK! (closes her robe)
      Dorothy: I meant the refrigerator!

    • (the repairman walks into the kitchen)
      Blanche: Thank God you're here. This heat is driving me crazy!
      Repairman: You're not the only one. The old lady next door is running through a sprinkler in her underwear!
      Dorothy: There's no old lady living next . . . (glances out the window) MA!

    • (after "calling" her old friend)
      Rose: Thank you Blanche, that was a great idea.
      Sophia: It's great bringing two idiots closer together.
      Dorothy: I think that's the motto of the St. Olaf telephone company.

    • Sophia: God doesn't make mistakes, we were all put on this earth for a reason. Blanche, you were put here to work in a museum so that art can be appreciated. Dorothy, you were put here as a substitute teacher to educate our youth. Rose, you're here because the rhythm method was very popular in the 20's.

    • Rose: If it were clearer we could see Mount Losenbaden.
      Blanche: What's Mount Losenbaden?Rose: It's kinda like Mount Rushmore, except they sculpted four losers of Presidential elections in the mountainside. Let's see - there was Alf Landen, Wendell Wilkie and Adlai Stevenson and Adlai Stevenson.
      Blanche: Why are there two Adlai Stevensons?
      Dorothy: Oh, Blanche' isn't it obvious? He lost twice... Oh god - it's making sense.

    • Rose: (preparing her bio) I just learned I am the world's most boring person.
      Sophia: Did something happen to Regis Philbin?

    • (After meeting the triplets from St. Olaf that have come to interview Rose)
      Sophia: Which one of you three has custody of the brain?

    • Sophia: Congratulations, Rose Nylund. You are St. Olaf's woman of the year!
      Girls: Ooofta!

    • Rose: Girls, look! It's the "St. Olaf Woman of the Year" trophy! They said I won it because I embodied the values of truth and honesty for which the award stands!
      Sophia: What happened to Emma Immerhoffer?
      Rose: reads the letter: She was disqualified when they found a skeleton in her closet.
      Dorothy: What was it?
      Rose: Mr. Immerhoffer!
      Dorothy: Ah.

  • Notes

    • The background shot during the closing credits features the four ladies toasting Rose's "St. Olaf Woman of the Year Award."

    • Richard Mulligan crosses over in his role as Dr. Harry Weston from the spin-off Empty Nest. Harry is the girls neighbor, a widower pediatrician. This is also his first out of three crossovers on this series.

  • Allusions

    • Sophia: Rose, you're here because the rhythm method was very popular in the 20's.

      The rhythm method is notorious as being the least effective method of birth control.