The Golden Girls

Season 4 Episode 17

You Gotta Have Hope

Aired Unknown Feb 25, 1989 on NBC

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  • Why do you constantly look for ways to amuse yourself at my expense? (Because we don't have cable and I can't crochet!)

    This is a pretty good episode. My main issue with it is that I've never found it that funny. There's not that many real "crack up with laughter" moments in it... I mean, we learn that Rose is more pathetic than we originally thought, and the whole thing comes off kind of sicky-sweet at times, but it's definitely worth watching. Great moments: the mean woman at the committee meeting and Blanche's comeback ("Yeah well I heard you've been sleeping with the Japanese guy that blows the leaves out of your driveway!"), the quote I used as my episode summary (CLASSIC Dorothy and Sophia!), and the scene where they're dressed like men and in the locker room hugging each other, and the two guys come by and the one says, "That's it, we've got to get that antique dealer off the membership committee!" That is a really funny line. Unfortunately, the rest of the episode really lacks humor.

    Random points: First of all, does anyone else think the Donatello triplets were actually really annoying? I don't know why the girls thought they were so great. Another point, I'm thinking that Bob Hope's stand-up routine really isn't funny because it isn't the 80's anymore... particularly once you've heard it once already. I always just turn the episode off when it gets to that point, rather than listen to it yet again.