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The Golden Palace

CBS (ended 1993)



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The Golden Palace

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The Golden Palace follows The Golden Girls Blanche, Rose and Sophia after Dorothy moves away with her new husband. The ladies sell their home and buy a struggling Miami Hotel named The Golden Palace. Working on staff are manager Roland, a twenty-something black man constantly butts head with Blanche, his foster son, Oliver, and chef Chuy (pronounced "Chewie"), a Mexican who finds that he has to share his kitchen with hardheaded Italian Sophia. The Golden Palace aired on the CBS network from 1992-93, where it was ratings-deprived (The Golden Girls and other Susan Harris-created spin-offs Empty Nest and Nurses aired on NBC). Following the show's cancellation, it wasn't seen again in the USA until 2005, when Lifetime briefly aired it due to overwhelming requests from fans of "The Golden Girls," which continues to get strong ratings in reruns. Theme Song: Thank You For Being A Friend Written by: Andrew GoldShow Type: CBS Situation Comedy First Telecast: September 18, 1992 Last Episode: May 14, 1993 Last Telecast: September 18, 1992 Episodes: 24 Color Episodes Spin-off of: The Golden Girls CBS Broadcast History: September 1992-May 1993----Fridays----8:00 p.m The Golden Palace around the World USA---Lifetime---Weekdays at 6:30/5:30c PM, encore presentations at 11:00/10:00c PM (August-September, 2005)

Estelle Getty

Estelle Getty

Sophia Petrillo

Betty White

Betty White

Rose Nylund

Cheech Marin

Cheech Marin

Chuy Castillos

Don Cheadle

Don Cheadle

Roland Wilson

Rue McClanahan

Rue McClanahan

Blanche Devereaux

Billy L. Sullivan

Billy L. Sullivan

Oliver Webb (episodes 1-6, 14)

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  • it was nice to see what happened after Dorothy left

    I still watch some of the episodes on you tube. Would love it if they through this into the mix on hallmark channel.
  • The main reason Golden Palace was left with 13 episodes is because........its not funny as Golden Girls was.So the original is more better than this.

    Yeah this takes after Dorthy leaves the house.The girls sells the house,and owns an hotel.Also new characters on the show.It is not really funny liked it used to be.You see with Dorthy,its more interesting.But without Dorthy it is nothing.It is less sense of humor.But the plotline doesn't make sense to me.There is lack of humor in this.Except for Rose St.Olaf story and Sophia Silcy story.It was an empty nest without Dorthy! The characters were alright.But it would be more funny with Dorthy.I prefer Golden Girls than Golden Palace.This show is going downhill really fast.You can see by the ratings of the show.That is why Golden Palace was left with 13 episodes it was cancel because nobody wanted to watched some show that does not have Dorthy in it.This needs some fine tuning.I wished they could've changed it around an bit.*sigh* But its too late its over.So I guess we leave it the way it is.moreless
  • After Dorothy moves to Atlanta at the end of "The Golden Girls," Rose, Blanche, and Sofia sell their home and become the owners of a struggling hotel in Miami called the Golden Palace.moreless

    The Golden Palace is a welcome continuation/spinoff to the Golden Girls, and I was pleasantly surprised about the quality of this show. Rose, Blanche, and Sofia are all in fine form as they take on the business of running a hotel. Some old characters return for brief appearances and plotlines are resolved. We learn, for example, that Rose's boyfriend, Miles, is having an affair with another woman, who he eventually marries. Rose is obviously heartbroken but moves on. Dorothy visits from Atlanta in episodes 7 and 8 only to find that although her friends still love her (and share stories while eating plenty of cheesecake), life has essentially moved on. Also, we get a glimpse of Shady Pines, which contrary to Sofia's stories, is not such a bad place after all.

    Rose has become much more savvy and wise than her character in the Golden Girls. She still regales the gang with tales about St. Olaf, but as Sofia noted in one episode, "Rose now leads them." Blanche is still promiscuous (which gets her into a lot of trouble with her employees and guests now that she is part owner of a hotel), and Sofia remains, well, Sofia.

    However, there are some subtle, yet notable differences between this show and the Golden Girls: the absence of Dorothy, the inclusion of new characters - Roland (Don Cheadle) as the hotel manager, Oliver (episodes 1-6, 14) as Roland's foster son, and Chuy (pronounced "Chewie") Castillos (Cheech Marin) as the hotel chef, and a theme song which is not quite as catchy as the previous show.

    Also, I couldn't help but feel that the writers of the Golden Palace over-used some jokes from the Golden Girls, which didn't always fit with the characters played by Don Cheadle and Cheech Marin. And what's the deal with Oliver? He appeared briefly for a couple of episodes and was then retrieved by his foster mother. Oliver, we barely knew ye.

    Despite its flaws, "Palace" is worth checking out, and although it was only on the air for 24 episodes, it is a good successor to the Golden Girls.moreless
  • It would be great to see this in syndication again!

    May not be good for all but it was great to see a little twist after the Golden Girls was cancelled. They could have marathon of this show even just so we can all watch and remember again or at least recall what happened at the Palace!! I never got to see it so I know that along with alot of other people who didn't see it, this would be a chance to catch up. After all, they do show the Golden Girls 2 at-a-time and 3 times per day-that's 6 episodes of the Golden Girls a day. We could use at least 1 episode of the Palace a day.moreless
  • It was a great spin-off of The Golden Girls!!

    Although this show only lasted for a few episodes, it was still sooo awesome!!! You just can't get enough of The Golden Girls, so why stop right away? I have only seen a few episodes of this, but it was totally awesome!!! My favorite episode is when Blanche's mentally retarded (not meant to be mean) brother came to visit and fell in love with Rose. It was sooo sweet!!! Blanche learned to be more accepting of him after a while. This show is really funny and touching at the same time. Very few episodes, but hundreds of laughs! Loved it!moreless

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