The Golden Palace

Season 1 Episode 6

Can't Stand Losing You

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Oct 23, 1992 on CBS

Episode Recap

Rose and Blanche are concerned about Roland when he seems to never stop working. Rose challenges Blanche by saying that she will set Roland up with Joanne, a woman she knows.

Sophia suspects that Roland may be gay, but after an examination from an "expert," her theory proves false.

Rose finds the perfect woman and, in spite of his resistance, they go out. In retalliation, Blanche attempts to set Roland up with the meat delivery girl, but this quickly foils.

Blanche is still eager to win her bet with Rose, so, after hearing a suggestion from Oliver, she flies Roland's ex down from Atlanta -- the ex whom Roland can't stand.

Meanwhile, Sophia and Chuy have a disagreement about who will go and cook on a T.V. spot for The Golden Palace. After many jokes about Sophia's senility, the staff decides to send Chuy instead.

In the end, to Rose's glee, Roland tells his ex the truth and continues to date Joanne.
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