The Golden Palace

CBS (ended 1993)




Episode Guide


  • Season 1
    • The Chicken and the Egg
      Aging Blanche agrees to marry Bobby Lee, her beau, and have his children... so she hits up her daughter, Rebecca, for an egg. Meanwhile, Roland agrees to hold a self-defense course for Sophia and her friends, and he enlists Chuy's aid.
    • Sex, Lies and Tortillas
      During the busy spring break, Roland tries to bust a college kid that's sneaking friends into his room; Chuy cooks a 43-foot burrito to get into the Guiness Book of World Records, and Rose's granddaughter, Charlene, checks into the hotel and announces that she plans to sleep with her boyfriend.
    • One Angry Stan
      One Angry Stan
      Episode 22
      Dorothy's ex-husband Stan dies - or so it seems, but Sophia learns the truth. Meanwhile, Roland and Chuy agree to orchestrate a bachelor party, but Rose neglects to tell them that it's for a woman.
    • Tad
      Episode 21
      Blanche's mentally-retarded olded brother, Tad, pays her a surprise visit from Chattanooga... and quickly he falls for Rose. Meanwhile, Chuy cons Sophia into revealing the recipe for her "addictive" pizza, which he intends to use to turn a profit.
    • Pro and Concierge
      Pro and Concierge
      Episode 20
      After Roland is caught meeting for a job interview with a rep from the Carlton Hotel chain, Blanche fires him. Meanwhile, Sophia agrees to go on vacation... but she chooses to vacation in The Golden Palace.
    • A New Leash On Life
      Rose is distraught when she discovers that the grayhound belonging to Blanche's new love interest will be put to sleep if it doesn't win its next race. Meanwhile, Roland gets overprotective when his recently-divorced mother starts spending time with Chuy; and Sophia schemes to raise cash for a trip to L.A. to appear on The Price is Right.moreless
    • You've Lost That Livin' Feeling
      For the hotel's belated grand re-opening celebration, Rose invites Gerald Davenport, Florida's most acclaimed restaurant critic, to review the restaurant's food -- unaware that he once gave Chuy a bad review. When Davenport promptly drops dead in the dining room, the staff try to hide the body, fearing that Chuy may have accidentally poisoned him.moreless
    • Say Goodbye, Rose
      Say Goodbye, Rose
      Episode 17
      Rose begins dating Bill, a hotel guest who bears an incredible resemblance to her late husband, Charlie. Meanwhile, when The Golden Palace holds a comedy competition, Sophia decides to enter an old friend whose name escapes her and Chuy decides to enter under the name "Corny Castillos." Blanche's son, Matthew, arrives just in time to enter the laugh-off too -- and announce that he's giving up his job as a stockbroker to pursue his dream of becoming a stand-up comedian.moreless
    • Señor Stinky Learns Absolutely Nothing About Life
      Chuy feels inadequate when Roland, Rose and pool-man Brad form a volleyball team and consistantly don't let him participate in the game. Meanwhile, after botching a business deal, Blanche vows to stop using her sexuality to get a leg up at work... though she finds it increasingly difficult when she comes face-to-face with the debonaire owner of the hotel on the adjoining property who is suing The Golden Palace.moreless
    • Heartbreak Hotel
      Heartbreak Hotel
      Episode 15
      Blanche is determined to win over the man who snubbed her in college, but she finds it even more infuriating when he falls for Rose. Meanwhile, Sophia ropes Roland into partaking in a couples therapy course held by "the love doctor."
    • Runaways
      Episode 14
      Roland receives word that Oliver's mother is going to take him home, but when she arrives, Oliver has gone AWOL with Sophia in a stolen car. Meanwhile, Blanche agrees to organize an important party, but she shirks her duties in lieu of a man, leaving Roland and Rose holding the bag.moreless
    • Rose and Fern
      Rose and Fern
      Episode 13
      When Rose's ex-boyfriend, Miles, begins calling the hotel, she assumes that he wants to get back together with her, but she's ill prepared for his real motivation. His arrival is badly timed, as Rose is helping a woman plan a cow-themed wedding. Meanwhile, Roland and Blanche think that there's a thief in their midst when $500 in hotel funds go missing; and Sophia and Chuy repeatedly burn food in the hotel's malfunctioning oven.moreless
    • It's Beginning To Look a Lot (Less) Like Christmas
      It's Christmas time, but the staff are in sour spirits when they have to abstain from hanging decorations to avoid disturbing a visiting therapy group. Chuy, however, dislikes Christmas and has a Dickens of a nightmare when three Christmas spirits haunt him -- Rose (Ghost of Christmas Past), Blanche (Ghost of Christmas Present) and Sophia (Ghost of Christmas Future) show him the err of his ways. Meanwhile, Roland prepares to play Santa and gets some unexpected coaching from Rose.moreless
    • Camp Town Races Aren't Nearly As Much Fun As They Used To Be
      When The Daughters of the Traditional South are set to arrive at the hotel, Blanche hangs a Confederate flag on the front counter, though this doesn't bode well with Roland. Meanwhile, Rose is outraged when a married man whom she knows checks in with his mistress.
    • Marriage On The Rocks, With a Twist
      When Roland's parents come for a visit, he assumes that they're delivering news of his dog's death -- so he's unprepared when they announce that they're divorcing. Meanwhile, Bill and Milton, two local DJ's, broadcast a show from The Golden Palace... so Sophia coaxes them into playing a nasty practical joke on Rose.moreless
    • Just a Gigolo
      Just a Gigolo
      Episode 9
      When Blanche's date for a dance dies, she reluctantly agrees to be escorted by Nick, a gigolo who is staying at the hotel... and she subsequently falls for him. Meanwhile, Roland and Chuy attend a self-help seminar, but Chuy is apprehensive because the final step is walking across hot coals.
    • Seems Like Old Times (2)
      Dorothy, Blanche and Rose set out on a quest to find runaway Sophia, who has taken refuge in the most unlikely of places. Meanwhile, Chuy is frustrated that he can't bed his new bride, but the situation worsens when her former boyfriend pays him a visit.
    • Seems Like Old Times (1)
      Dorothy visits the hotel for the first time and is upset when she sees how hard her mother, Sophia, is working. After signing his final divorce papers, Chuy goes missing.... then later resurfaces with a new bride.
    • Can't Stand Losing You
      The girls decide that Roland needs a date, so they compete to find him one... but Blanche goes too far by reuniting him with an old girlfriend. Meanwhile, Sophia jealously tries to sabotage Chuy when he lands an appearance on a morning talk-show cooking segment.
    • Ebbtide for The Defense
      Blanche and Roland discover that the hotel's insurance has been canceled just as they realize that Rose has overbooked guests, the bulk of which are lawyers visiting Miami for a convention. Meanwhile, the new cook that Blanche hired to help lighten the load is Chuy's former best friend who slept with his ex-wife.moreless
    • One Old Lady To Go
      Rose bonds with a delusional old lady who soon begins causing mayhem at The Golden Palace. Meanwhile, Sophia and Chuy begin stealing business away from a local Chinese restaurant; and Oliver's upcoming date at a waterpark has Roland dreading having the sex-talk with his foster son.
    • Miles, We Hardly Knew Ye
      When Blanche and Roland go through the guest registry that dates back to 1985, they find that Miles was a regular guest at The Golden Palace. They come to one conclusion - Miles is cheating on Rose! Meanwhile, Sophia catches Oliver extorting cash from guests, so she blackmails him.
    • Promotional Considerations
      While everyone scrambles to promote the hotel, Rose and a talk show make a deal - guests of the show can stay at the Golden Palace for free in exchange for a "promotional considerations" ad. Meanwhile, Blanche feels Roland is usurping her territory so she goes out of her way to override all of his decisions.moreless
    • Pilot
      Episode 1
      After Dorothy's departure, "Golden Girls" Blanche, Rose and Sophia move out of their home and into The Golden Palace, a hotel they've just bought in hopes of retiring off of the profits. Just one problem: The hotel has three employees, and is in need of funds.