The Golden Palace

Season 1 Episode 3

Miles, We Hardly Knew Ye

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Oct 02, 1992 on CBS

Episode Recap

Rose is seen talking on the telephone at the front desk. It's Miles and once again he has cancelled a date with Rose causing her to become upset. It turns out that they haven't been together for 3 months and Rose is becoming antsy and Blanche tries to comfort her. As Rose leaves, Rolands enters and is carrying old hotel books. While leafing through them, Rose discovers that Miles's name is all through the book and suspects Miles has been coming there for years to have sex. Roland confirms that a man with the same names as Miles was a regular there every Wednesday night. Blanche goes into the kitchen and discovers Chuy and Sophia cooking. Blanche tells them that she wishes Dorothy were here because she would know what to do and say to Rose about Miles. Sophia takes umbridge and wants to know why Blanche won't listen to what she has to say. Chuy suggests that Blanche go ahead and tell Rose the problem so she won't find out the hard way about a significant other cheating. Oliver is in the lobby and using the lost and found as a way to make money. Sophia tells him that it's extortion and she'll keep quiet for $5.00. As they exit, Blanche enters and decides to break down and tell Rose about what she found out while reading the hotel ledgers. Rose doesn't believe her, because Wednesdays are Miles's poker nights, but Blanche says she knows about cheating and can smell it a mile away. At that moment, who should walk through the door but Miles himself. Rose runs into his arms and Blanche can't believe it. Miles said he is late because of a meeting. Rose then brands him a liar and begins to blast him for having an affair and walks off. Just then, Roland enters the lobby and tries to convince the hotel guests who were watching that it was an a production of Come Back, Little Sheba and to come back tomorrow for Lil Abner Roland also reveals to Blanche that the Miles he sees is NOT the one that was a Wednesday night regular. Chuy gives Rose some tea in the kitchen as he begins to comfort her. Chuy says it's just as well that this happened and that she should find another man. Roland comes in the kitchen and reveals that the Miles Webber he knew wasn't the Miles Webber he just saw and that he told Blanche that 3 hours ago, but she never told Rose. Rose then storms off to tell Blanche about what she just found out and says their friendship is over. The patrons once again think it's another Golden Palace Players Production. Oliver arrives in the kitchen and is confronted by Chuy about the lost and found extortion operation. Chuy tells him he has to stop or he will tell Roland and Sophia is forced to give Oliver back his $5.00. Rose and Miles are in the dining room and begin laughing about the event of the day. Rose reveals she knew Miles was never cheat on her and Miles hangs his head low. He then admits to Rose that he has been having an affair for 6 months with a waitress named Fern who's husband had just passed away. Rose is shocked and asks why he just told her. Miles reveals that even though Blanche got her facts wrong, she was right in a way and he didn't want her to lose her friendship with Blanche because of him. Miles gets up to leave and asks Rose if someday she'll get over this and forgive him. She turns her head and Miles slowly heads out the door. The Next Day Rose walks in to the lobby and Blanche is at the reception desk. She then runs over to Rose and tells her that Roland told her what happened. She then suggests to Rose that she should make this a new beginning and that she knows that somewhere out there a guy is waiting for Rose. Rose agrees but says she thought Miles was the one. A guest sitting at one of the chairs near the door, gets up and proclaims that that was the worst version of Lil Abner he had ever seen.