The Golden Palace

Season 1 Episode 4

One Old Lady To Go

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Oct 09, 1992 on CBS

Episode Recap

When Oliver is trying to get $50 to go on his first date, Chuy and the girls convince Roland that it's time to talk to Oliver about sex and it's clear Roland isn't too happy about it.

While in the kitchen, Sophia gets a telephone call from a person ordering Chinese food. She tells the person it's the wrong Golden Palace (a Chinese restaurant). So she gets an idea to have Oliver invest his $50 to help out, along with Chuy and the other chefs to cook Chinese food.

Meanwhile, Rose makes a friend, Vivian, who one who is willing to listen to her St. Olaf stories. Vivian says she has forgotten her wallet so Rose doesn't charge for the meal.

Later, Rose is talking with Vivian and she insists that Rose call her "Mama." Though as soon as Rose begins addressing her as "Mama," Vivian begins calling Rose "Charlene" and thinks that Rose is her daughter in the 1940s. She also believes that Roland is Liberace.

When Roland gets a call from a person ordering Chinese food, he rushes into the kitchen to find Sophia, Chuy and the cooks cooking Chinese food, Roland tells them to stop. Sophia explained it was to help raise money for Oliver's outing. Roland is astonished that they raised $1,250, so he tells them to give most of the money to the real Golden Palace restaurant and give Oliver a little extra for that date.

Rose puts Vivian up in a room, much to the disagreement of Roland and Blanche. Rose is finally convinced to call the police. The police come to pick up Vivian, but get the wrong old lady -- Sophia! As Sophia is screaming, Rose and Roland are in the office and think it's Vivian.

Chuy comes in with the perfect plan to help Roland teach Oliver about sketch, a puppet show called Long Days Journey into Puberty. Roland then decides that he should just come out with it and starts talking to Oliver about sex. However, Oliver says that he will be taking Sex-Ed soon in school. Roland agrees that he will learn better from school and simply tells him that if any questions can be directed to him. Oliver simply asks if it is abnormal to not care about sex -- for that's how he feels about his girlfriend.

Sophia returns, having found the real Charlene at the shelter, she finally convinced the cops to bring her back, and Vivian is quickly reunited with her daughter. However before Vivian leaves, she tells Roland whom she still thinks is Liberace, to play for Charlene since she's never seen him before. Roland thinks about it for a moment, goes to the piano and begins playing Liberace's signature song, "I'll Be Seeing You" to the surprise of the gang who had no idea he could play.