The Golden Palace

Season 1 Episode 1


Aired Friday 8:00 PM Sep 18, 1992 on CBS

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  • There are a few things I don't understand about this show...

    I haven\'t yet seen this show, but I am a huge fan of the Golden Girls and I can\'t wait to see Golden Palace when it airs on Lifetime TV starting in August. I only have one problem with the set-up of this show... In the last episode of the Golden Girls, Dorothy married Blanche\'s brother Lucas. The wedding went off without a hitch, and at the end of the show, Dorothy left to start her new life with Lucas. I\'ve checked the cast listing, and Lucas was not on there. Regardless, I\'m sure this show is just as funny and touching as Golden Girls was.
  • I don't know why everyone said that this show was so bad. Sure, Dorothy wasn't there, but "Pilot" proved that she isn't really that neccessary.

    I don't know why everyone said that this show was so bad. Sure, Dorothy wasn't there, but "Pilot" proved that she isn't really that neccessary. The show opened with the familiar Miami house, except there was nothing but boxes and the couch all around. The only problem that I have with the show is that they rushed the hotel idea too fast. They didn't really give that much of an explanation. Everything in this episode, except for the setting, obviously, seemed reminiscent of a Golden Girls episode. The only major gripe is that Oliver, played by Billy L. Sullivan, is not a character that is needed. My guess is that they just put him in for the "Aww!" factor. Thankfully, they took him out in later episodes. So, in conclusion, The Golden Palace is not as big of a travesty as everybody has made it out to seem - at least the first episode.
  • It's not Golden Girls so don't compare it.

    It's not Golden Girls so don't compare it. Even with telling myself this, I was a little disappointed with this episode, but it was better than I expected. Blanche was still Blanche, Rose was still Rose, and Sophia was ever the randy old lady she ever was. It was sad at the beginning because the girls said goodbye to the house that they and viewers had grown to love over the years. One of the most familiar things is gone in the first minute. The hotel however is enough to make up for that. Cheech Marin's job as the hotel's chef is a little overacted, but overall, he interacts well with Sophia. Don Cheadle as the hotel's manager is the star of the show. I now believe that anything he acts in is perfection. He truly deserves an Oscar, Emmy, or anything else they can throw at this. It's a little early to judge this show, but it is definatly worth a second look.
  • After Dorothy marries Lucas, Rose, Blanche, and Sophia sell their house after 7 years of fun, laughter, and friendship. To avoid loneliness, they bought a Miami hotel, The Golden Palace, only to find out that it is understaffed and in alot of debt.

    Thank God for Susan Harris! This is a great exposition for a show that continues the lives of 3 of the 4 Golden Girls. The writing indicates greater character strengths and proves that the girls don't need Dorothy--they can do well on their own. Of course, to compensate for Dorothy's absence, some of her traits were distributed to the three remaining girls and the new characters: Roland and Chuy. Overall, a very well-written episode. It's a shame that the show only lasted one season.
  • This was the first episode in the Golden Palace series anoth great way to start a show

    The Golden Palace was a spin off to The Golden Girls this show is a great spin off the episode was a great beggining in the series this episode will always make me laugh the show had a lot of laughs the episode started when Blanche Rose and Sophia moved out of their old house into their very own hotel called The Golden Palace the music was practacly the same as in the Golden Girls personaly this show was funnier than the Golden Girls but the Golden Girls was a funny show as well to bad this show ended with only 24 episodes.