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  • it was nice to see what happened after Dorothy left

    I still watch some of the episodes on you tube. Would love it if they through this into the mix on hallmark channel.
  • The main reason Golden Palace was left with 13 episodes is because........its not funny as Golden Girls was.So the original is more better than this.

    Yeah this takes after Dorthy leaves the house.The girls sells the house,and owns an hotel.Also new characters on the show.It is not really funny liked it used to be.You see with Dorthy,its more interesting.But without Dorthy it is nothing.It is less sense of humor.But the plotline doesn't make sense to me.There is lack of humor in this.Except for Rose St.Olaf story and Sophia Silcy story.It was an empty nest without Dorthy! The characters were alright.But it would be more funny with Dorthy.I prefer Golden Girls than Golden Palace.This show is going downhill really fast.You can see by the ratings of the show.That is why Golden Palace was left with 13 episodes it was cancel because nobody wanted to watched some show that does not have Dorthy in it.This needs some fine tuning.I wished they could've changed it around an bit.*sigh* But its too late its over.So I guess we leave it the way it is.
  • After Dorothy moves to Atlanta at the end of "The Golden Girls," Rose, Blanche, and Sofia sell their home and become the owners of a struggling hotel in Miami called the Golden Palace.

    The Golden Palace is a welcome continuation/spinoff to the Golden Girls, and I was pleasantly surprised about the quality of this show. Rose, Blanche, and Sofia are all in fine form as they take on the business of running a hotel. Some old characters return for brief appearances and plotlines are resolved. We learn, for example, that Rose's boyfriend, Miles, is having an affair with another woman, who he eventually marries. Rose is obviously heartbroken but moves on. Dorothy visits from Atlanta in episodes 7 and 8 only to find that although her friends still love her (and share stories while eating plenty of cheesecake), life has essentially moved on. Also, we get a glimpse of Shady Pines, which contrary to Sofia's stories, is not such a bad place after all.

    Rose has become much more savvy and wise than her character in the Golden Girls. She still regales the gang with tales about St. Olaf, but as Sofia noted in one episode, "Rose now leads them." Blanche is still promiscuous (which gets her into a lot of trouble with her employees and guests now that she is part owner of a hotel), and Sofia remains, well, Sofia.

    However, there are some subtle, yet notable differences between this show and the Golden Girls: the absence of Dorothy, the inclusion of new characters - Roland (Don Cheadle) as the hotel manager, Oliver (episodes 1-6, 14) as Roland's foster son, and Chuy (pronounced "Chewie") Castillos (Cheech Marin) as the hotel chef, and a theme song which is not quite as catchy as the previous show.

    Also, I couldn't help but feel that the writers of the Golden Palace over-used some jokes from the Golden Girls, which didn't always fit with the characters played by Don Cheadle and Cheech Marin. And what's the deal with Oliver? He appeared briefly for a couple of episodes and was then retrieved by his foster mother. Oliver, we barely knew ye.

    Despite its flaws, "Palace" is worth checking out, and although it was only on the air for 24 episodes, it is a good successor to the Golden Girls.
  • It would be great to see this in syndication again!

    May not be good for all but it was great to see a little twist after the Golden Girls was cancelled. They could have marathon of this show even just so we can all watch and remember again or at least recall what happened at the Palace!! I never got to see it so I know that along with alot of other people who didn't see it, this would be a chance to catch up. After all, they do show the Golden Girls 2 at-a-time and 3 times per day-that's 6 episodes of the Golden Girls a day. We could use at least 1 episode of the Palace a day.
  • It was a great spin-off of The Golden Girls!!

    Although this show only lasted for a few episodes, it was still sooo awesome!!! You just can't get enough of The Golden Girls, so why stop right away? I have only seen a few episodes of this, but it was totally awesome!!! My favorite episode is when Blanche's mentally retarded (not meant to be mean) brother came to visit and fell in love with Rose. It was sooo sweet!!! Blanche learned to be more accepting of him after a while. This show is really funny and touching at the same time. Very few episodes, but hundreds of laughs! Loved it!
  • It was good, not perfect but good

    When Lifetime aired it in 2005, I was excited to see this show, since I missed it during the original airing. It's about Blanche, Rose and Sophia moving out of the house and into a hotel called The Golden Palace. The hotel features employees such as Chuy, the Mexican cook, and Roland, the manager. They all get in weird situations, but overall, the hotel still stays in business. It wasn't the same because Dorothy was absent from the series. But at least she made an appearance in a special two-part episode. Yes, this show had it's flaws, (the writing wasn't that great, but it was watchable.) My favorite episodes were "Tad," "You've Lost that Livin' Feeling," "The Pilot," "Promotional Considerations," "Runaways," "The Christmas Show," "Seems Like Old Times," and the one where Rose supposedly makes a man "drown," but she was playing a joke on Sophia. I'd give it about 8/10.
  • Follow-up to The Golden Girls

    The Golden Palace follows Blanche, Rose, and Sophia after Dorothy moves out, They sell there home and buy a hotel, which only has 2 employees Roland and Chuey.

    The Golden Palace was a great follow up series to the Golden Girls, even though Dorothy wasn't in it, all but 2 episodes, the show was still good, the only problem I have is that they ended Rose and Miles' long relationship, but despite that, The Golden Palace was still a great show that captured most of the same spark as the Golden Girls.
  • The Golden Palace is the hit follow up series to The Golden Girls. It is set after Dorothy moves out, and Blanche, Rose, and Sophie sell the house and buy a hotel called The Golden Palace.

    The Golden Palace was a great follow up series to The Golden Girls. It told the story of the girls' lives after Dorothy gets married and moves out. The girls buy a hotel and run it with the help of Chuy and Rowland. I would definately compare this to The Golden Girls, however, Dorothy made The Golden Girls unique in it's own special way. However, Dorothy does make a two-episode appearance in "Seems Like Old Times, Parts 1 And 2" and she is amazing in it. She comes to the hotel because she believes her mother is working to hard, and wants to bring her back to Atlanta with her. As a result of choosing between Dorothy and Blanche and Rose, Sophia runs away and returns where she knows nobody will find her... Shady Pines. It seems to have gotten a lot better since she left. Dorothy lets her stay at the hotel and goes back to Atlanta. The Golden Palace was an amazing show, and perfect closure for The Golden Girls.
  • I made my own DVDs I love this show so much!

    I love this show so much, and it\'s so hard to find. The last time it aired, I made great commercial-free copies on DVD. It takes four discs, but it was worth it! I can never decide which one to watch though, because seeing the girls again together is such a treat; I have to confess the two episodes where Dorothy comes back were the best! I love this show!
  • Moi j ai trouver The golden palace etait reellement une bonne émission de television car ici au quebec on fait pitié avec nos émissions.Et ici les gens essais de rafaire la meme chose qu au etat unis il ne sont pas capable d avoir leur propre projet en ma

    ici au quebec les quebecois aiment beaucoup les sites et les émisssions americaine car vous avez beaucoup de budget pour les produires mais nous ici le gouvernement in vesti pas reelement dans nos projet.Et c est le pourquoi que nous aimons regarder The Golden palace car moi j aodore les actrices de l emission
  • Thankfully not very memorable.

    This show started off promising but obviously relied on jokes from Golden Girls too often and never really stepped out of its shadow. The fact that it was only good when Dorothy returned showed how Golden Palace should've never been made. It's always tempting to keep a show going for years and years but this is one time when the end of Golden Girls should've been the end. I'm glad this didn't permanently stain the memory of The Golden Girls.
  • This show started off great but ended in disaster.

    Originally I have loved The Golden Girls for many years now and when I heard that there was a follow up story, I couldn't wait to watch it. The Golden Palace started off with a blast and even kept the classic Golden Girls lines and comedy. I'm glad it showed them sell the house and move into the hotel, instead of randomly having them in the hotel at the start of the show, which I feared they would do. The show got even better when Miles and Dorthy come back in episodes during the show. That made it feel like old times. However, the show through out the series started to lose the classic Golden Girl touch and classic characters started to change. Like Rose for example, started to get tough in the show and stood up to Dorthy and Blance. That was just stupid. It also had terrible ending episodes, like Blance's older brother, whom we never had one clue that existed, appeared out of nowhere. I also thought that it was stupid that Blance turned to her daughter for a fertilized egg to have a child, now that was just flat out random and pointless. I originally gave this show a 9.5 but as with the show the rating I gave turned bad too. I finally give this show a 8. Some Golden Girls fans may love this but I really didn't, and if this show comes out on DVD it will take me a long time to figure out if I will buy it.
  • Some great shows need not be turned into a spinoff!

    My title would\'ve been The Golden Palace of Worthless Crap. Unlike the popular sitcon The Golden Girls, The Golden Palace loses one of its main characters, Dorothy and has a bad plot. I loved The Golden Girls even though it was very fake, but the laughs were steady. The Golden Palace has no comedic value and lacks the sharp timing of witt as well as a good storyline needed to make this awful spinoff work. This show should not have happened to television.
  • 9 out of 10 stars for a decent spin-off of a priceless classic show.

    My only problem with this show is that I think that they could've done better on the plot line for the series (instead of buying the hotel, they look for a new roommate, and it shows how they live after Dorothy gets married, etc.). Other than that, I find it mildly interesting. Rose gets dumber, Sophia gets 'wiser', and Blance gets, well...."younger"! The new characters introduced in this series are OK. Roland adds humor (not to mention he makes everyone else look dumb, especially Rose, which I thoght wasn't possible!). Chuy Castillos is your typical chef. He spends a lot of time in the kitchen. Chuy is very stubborn no matter what you try to get him to do, whether it be walking across a bed of hot coals to face your fears, or cook italian food, Chuy always argues! Then there's little Oliver, Roland's foster son, who is always looking for either trouble or an adventure. Unfortunatley, Oliver's real mother gets out of prison and is ready to take him back from Roland, Chuy, and the girls. Just as in "The Golden Girls", Sophia is still my favorite character! This show is recommended to any die-hard "Golden Girls" fan!
  • The Golden Palace lasted from 1992 to 1993. It starred Betty White, Rue McClanahan and Estelle Getty.

    The Golden Palace is an awesome show, I was not a really big fan of Bea Arthur, so the Golden Palace was really cool. I have not seen all the episodes of the Golden Palace but all the episodes I have seen, have been phenominal. Although the Golden Palace didn\'t last as long as Golden Girls did; I thought Betty White, Rue McClanahan and Estelle Getty deserved a standing ovation for effort. I watch the Golden Palace every night and I think it should have lasted longer. The Golden Palace was wonderfully directed and written so snaps for the crew.
  • Not as funny as Golden Girls but has its moments.

    The Golden Palace is alright. But lacks the same wit and heart it did with Golden Girls. But its funny in its own way.
    After Dorothy gets hitched to Blanche's uncle, Lucas Hollingsworth. Her mother Sofia and her friends Rose and Blanche decide to buy a Miami Beach hotel called the Golden Palace. There they meet their co worker Roland (Don Cheadle) and head chef Chuy (Cheech Marin). The girls although thrilled with the idea of owning a hotel soon learn it's harder than they think.
    The Golden Place is still funny but lacks charm and heart into a good yet not great idea for a spin-off.
  • Dot Marks the Spot. . .

    Although this was a completely different series, it is also a continuation of a group of mostly the same characters. Therefore it is like a table, you need all four for it to stay strong, if you take away a leg, you can still replace it, but the leg won't be as strong as the table will have gotten weaker (the strongest leg being Beatrice Arthur). The Golden Palace was a funny series, however, the writing sharply declined from The Golden Girls, even though it was written by the same writers. The main focus the force holding the girls together (Dorothy) was gone, and trying to make Rose or Blanche be the strong one, took them out of the characters of Rose and Blanche we came to love.
  • Three crazy women running a struggling hotel.

    I got hooked on Golden Girls and am excited to watch Golden Palace, as this is the first time for me to watch these. It's not as good as the original series but still funny and fun to watch. Rose isn't as funny and Sophia seems to have lost some of her edge. The chemistry is different without Dorothy but still good.
  • I THINK the show would be better if Bea Arthur was in it . . . . but there wouldn't be Golden Palace.

    I THINK the show would be better if Bea Arthur was in it . . . . but there wouldn't be Golden Palace. On Golden Girls, it was funny when Dorothy was being sarcastic with Blanch, Rose & Sophia. The only reason they made Golden Palace was because we all wanted to know what happened 2 the rest after Dorothy left. But don't get me wrong, I think Golden Palace is still a funny show.
  • Still enjoyable even without Dorothy.

    Yes, Dorothy was a major part of The Golden Girls and is sadly missed here, but I still enjoy watching The Golden Palace. It's fun to see Don Cheadle from WAY before he became who he is now. Cheech Marin is great as Chuy and the girls are just as splendid as ever. It was good to see that their wonderful way of interacting wasn't lost from TGG to TGP. The only part that I hate is the fact that little kid Oliver, thank goodness he's not on every episode. Still an enterntaining and enjoyable show even without Dorothy.
  • I agree it's not the same without Beatrice Arthur, but this is a different series, and it should be judged so...

    I actually like this show better than The Golden Girls. But my vision is obviously blurred, as I have simply grown tired of Golden Girls plots (Lifetime had to have known that broadcasting the show three hours a day would have certain horrific consequences).

    I would have prefered to have Bea Arthur, but without her the show presents a different dynamic. I do grow tired of Rue McClanahan's character of Blanche, but the refreshment of Rose and Sophia keeps me hooked.

    Overall, I wouldn't start a fansite for it, but I'd most certainly watch The Golden Palace.
  • After Bea Left...

    The Show isn't the same with out in Bea in it. Chemistry isn't the same with out her quick and sometimes mean remarks. Still, The episodes I seen were good not as good as Golden Girls episodes.
    Granted it wasn't a great success with the critics. I liked it with the few episodes I seen. I doubt they will release show on DVD but I can hope.
  • Where's the Bea?

    It's like the legs of a table, you need all four of them to keep it stable. While all 4 ladies were funny in 'The Golden Girls', taking the central character away cannot make a good show. And due to the departure of Dorothy, the series was just not the same.