The Golden Palace

CBS (ended 1993)





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  • The Golden Palace is the hit follow up series to The Golden Girls. It is set after Dorothy moves out, and Blanche, Rose, and Sophie sell the house and buy a hotel called The Golden Palace.

    The Golden Palace was a great follow up series to The Golden Girls. It told the story of the girls' lives after Dorothy gets married and moves out. The girls buy a hotel and run it with the help of Chuy and Rowland. I would definately compare this to The Golden Girls, however, Dorothy made The Golden Girls unique in it's own special way. However, Dorothy does make a two-episode appearance in "Seems Like Old Times, Parts 1 And 2" and she is amazing in it. She comes to the hotel because she believes her mother is working to hard, and wants to bring her back to Atlanta with her. As a result of choosing between Dorothy and Blanche and Rose, Sophia runs away and returns where she knows nobody will find her... Shady Pines. It seems to have gotten a lot better since she left. Dorothy lets her stay at the hotel and goes back to Atlanta. The Golden Palace was an amazing show, and perfect closure for The Golden Girls.