The Golden Palace

CBS (ended 1993)





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  • This show started off great but ended in disaster.

    Originally I have loved The Golden Girls for many years now and when I heard that there was a follow up story, I couldn't wait to watch it. The Golden Palace started off with a blast and even kept the classic Golden Girls lines and comedy. I'm glad it showed them sell the house and move into the hotel, instead of randomly having them in the hotel at the start of the show, which I feared they would do. The show got even better when Miles and Dorthy come back in episodes during the show. That made it feel like old times. However, the show through out the series started to lose the classic Golden Girl touch and classic characters started to change. Like Rose for example, started to get tough in the show and stood up to Dorthy and Blance. That was just stupid. It also had terrible ending episodes, like Blance's older brother, whom we never had one clue that existed, appeared out of nowhere. I also thought that it was stupid that Blance turned to her daughter for a fertilized egg to have a child, now that was just flat out random and pointless. I originally gave this show a 9.5 but as with the show the rating I gave turned bad too. I finally give this show a 8. Some Golden Girls fans may love this but I really didn't, and if this show comes out on DVD it will take me a long time to figure out if I will buy it.