The Golden Palace

Season 1 Episode 7

Seems Like Old Times (1)

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Oct 30, 1992 on CBS

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  • The gang is back together again.Dorthy has returned to visit the others.To me this was the most happiest reuion ever seen.

    Yeah this episode was great.When Dorthy comes and visit.Even though it seemed to be the most happyest thing ever.When Dorthy see's how hard Sophie is working.She decide that it was time for Sophie to come home with her.This has became an arguement on who should Sophie be with.Yes Sophie didn't want to see anyone hurt so she run away.I was bit mad at Dorthy,for not letting Sophie decide where she wants to be.I mean without Sophie in this series.The show wouldn't be THAT much funny anymore.I liked it when Sophie mades those stuff even Sicly.
  • The gang's all here!!!

    How great was it to see the entire gang all together again? When Dorothy walked through the door, the studio audience was eccstatic, as was I. As the gals began to talk, I didn't even realize I was watching "The Golden Palace", I thought I was watching "The Golden Girls". I couldn't believe how Dorothy was upset about thinking Sophia was working too hard. Did she forget the time Sophia was running the restaurant she started in TGG? What made her think Sophia would have went back to Atlanta with her after she didn't want to go to start with? I totally understood how Sophia decided to leave when she couldn't choose between all her "daughters". It actually would have been a hard choice.

    Personally, I could have cared less about Chuy's storyline with marrying Beverly after just one tequilla shot the night before. It took away from me seeing all my girls together again.

    However, we that being said, it was my favorite episode of the series so far, along with it's conclusion.