The Golden Palace

Season 1 Episode 21


Aired Friday 8:00 PM Apr 16, 1993 on CBS

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  • Blanche's family secret.Something she never told her friends before.

    Blanche's older brother Tad pays Blanche an surprise visit.After she had visited him.Rose was surprise that he was an older brother.Blanche says that Clayton is her baby brother.But Tad is her older brother with some mental problem.She didn't admitt it to her friends.Because she was embarassed to say about her brother.Who is also falling in love with Rose as well.Rose tells Blanche,that he shouldn't be embarassed of her brother having mental problems.Yeah and Choy tries to get Sophia secret recipe to make profit.After Sophia tells him he is an family member to her.He decided not to.

    This one was an great episode.Even the show itself wasn't that great not without Dorthy of course.
  • The one where we find out Blanche's secret.

    I happen to like this episode for possibly a different reason than most would. I am from right near the town that Tad is living, Chattanooga. Therefore this episode was very close to me in a way. However, I got so mad because the characters kept saying "Chattanooga" wrong. It's "CHATTAnooga" not "CHATTanooga", but that's pretty much the only qualm I had this episode. It was quite a shock to me that Blanche had a mentally challenged brothe and the fact that she kept him hidden for so long was heartbreaking.

    I really loved the performance Ned Beatty as Tad. He easily could have gone over the top, but did just splendidly. He gave the character warmth and you really felt for him for the way Blanche treated him. Betty White was so great when doing her scenes with Beatty especially in the one at the end about the Valentine card. Rue McClanahan was very revealing in this episode and I loved how she finally accepted Tad at the end and told him he could come and stay at The Golden Palace whenever he wanted. I was extremely shocked at how she didn't want Rose to be near Tad because of what was wrong with him. However, the whole episode came together at the end and was superbly acted by all.