The Gong Show

NBC (ended 1980)


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  • entertainer judging, comedy, game show

    This was a quirky show. Occasionally people were just plain bad. I really enjoyed this over American Idol. Sorry people. This was a light-hearted, not very serious judging panel made up of comedians. The judges would decide to gong a contestant, if they mostly agreed the person wasn't good enough. The host of this show was not the straight-laced, serious person typically seen on other game shows. He basically was the final arbitrator, but would show his comic side as well. When I grew up, people would frequently copy this style of judging in and out of school. If you were to see the show today, there would definitely be the 70's flair here.
  • Very funny but sometimes can't be pretty harsh

    This show hosted by Chuck Barris, who created the Dating & Newlywed Game, can be funny. As it was the harsh version of the "Ted Mack Amatuer Hour" as it had three panelists who if they didn't like the acts gonged them. Therefore terminating the acts. But if they like it, the highest score you can get is a 10. Very funny at times. But also very harsh. The show almost got cancelled due to a very "rude" act known as the Popsicle Twins. That version was only seen in the Eastern Coast but terminated in the other coasts after complaints by viewers and censorship by harsh suits at the networks. But I wished GSN would put this version back on the air.