The Good Fight

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  • The Good Fight is Must See TV

    I didn't expect to find Must See TV on CBS All Access, Every time I try to guess what is going to happen in The Good Fight I get a welcome surprise. Christine Baranski shines as Diane Lockhart in a way she didn't have the opportunity to in The Good Wife. I hope this show continues to surprise me for years to come.
  • ok .what else?

    first season was good , but now what ?

    why turn the show to joke , criticism of trump

    leave this to talk shows but to fabricate a reality to just attack trump. WTF

  • Viva La Lockhardt

    It must be said that this spin-off greatly benefits from the superb performance of Christine Baranski. So far her character, Diane Lockhardt completely carries the show. That said, the deserved criticism of our current president also enhances the narrative. My biggest concern is there are too many (unnecessary characters) that sometime cause plots to feel sluggish and contrived. Let's see if some are eliminated in the current season.
  • The Good Wife is suffering from spin-off abuse.

    This show will fail like all Hollywood shows with a social agenda. The Good Wife was a great show, wherein the writers would occasionally through in their Hollywood social agenda crap. It was manageable with the DVR, which allows you to ignore the madness. However, this show is hoping fans are will to sit through the crap from a main character. The answer is no, especially if you're asking them to pay extra for it. As I watch it, I get the feeling the old cast members couldn't find another job, and the new ones were hoping to ride the Good Wife wave to success. It a shames writers don't believe a good story can be told with attempting to brain wash or indoctrinate it' viewer's. CBS is using the same broken formula with the new Star Trek, which is awful. Wake up CBS. ..
  • Nice Show

    There is a lot to write for this review and a lot to potentially talk about. I, like many others, I'm sure, am annoyed that this is only available online. I'm glad that the first episode was free and aired on TV so I could watch it and see whether I liked it. I hope that they have the sense to release the series to DVD at some point as based on the first episode alone, I would like to see more of it.

    When The Good Wife ended, they seemed to not know how to use Diane to her full potential. They kept glossing over her cases in the final season even though they were fairly interesting, or should have been more than what they were making. Now the first episode didn't have a lot to the case and it seemed to take a back seat to the main plot of what all was changing in Diane's life. Hopefully the rest of the season fixes that problem.

    Poor Diane fell victim to a crime and lost most of her money as a result. The firm that she was working with no longer wanted her since she had already agreed to leave. She then struggled to find another job. Ultimately, she ended up working with Lucca even though they probably weren't on the best of terms after the events of The Good Wife's series finale.

    Despite this being a spin-off for Diane, you still get to see a lot of new characters and we learn about them in the pilot as well. The main one is Maia who becomes a part of the firm that Diane and Lucca are now working for. I think that other characters were introduced in later episodes or weren't important enough in the first one to reference more here in this review. If I can get the first season on DVD sometime, I would review the pilot episode by itself as there is still much more to it. Pilots can make or break shows and this one makes me wish that CBS didn't want a more raunchy show with uncensored nudity and swearing and also wasn't out to make a quick buck on their poorly named all access streaming service.

    Ultimately, I hope that this show has improved beyond the first episode. If they can focus more on the trials at hand, that would be a good thing to see. I don't know if politics will be relevant in this show or not, but they could always do a spin-off about Eli Gold and some candidate he is trying to help. As long as they keep up with the good character development, I wouldn't see why I or anyone else wouldn't like what the rest of this show has to offer.
  • Best Spin off

    Its the first time that I have seen a spin off that is much much better than the original series! Congratulations!!!
  • Better than The Good Wife!

    This show is fun and fast paced. Fun characters and thought-provoking plotlines that you can really get invested in. I'm hooked and can't wait for more!
  • The case of the drifting accent

    Perhaps I'm mis-remembering but didn't Lucca have an American accent in The Good Wife?

    As only the first episode has been shown so far her in the UK I'm not in a position to comment on the series. But it could be interesting to see Diane fighting cases that align with her personal views. It's also marvellous that one of the star characters (Maia) is gay.
  • Just as good, maybe better.

    I was a fan of "The Good Wife", and I can't remember ever liking a spin off of a show that I enjoyed , so definitely went into watching this with some doubt. The doubt quickly disappeared as I got caught up in the fast paced writing of this show - it's just excellent. I just watched the first three episodes and already am hooked and am waiting for the next episode. It was nice to see a few familiar faces as we get introduced to a crop of new ones. Quality show with excellent writing and story lines that are new and fresh.
  • Solid first two episodes!

    Full of drama and action plots.
  • Big mistake by CBS

    I just watched the first episode and it's obvious that the series will be a propaganda vehicle of resistance to Trump. Every week, we'll be treated to cases of black and woman victimhood. The villains will ALWAYS be evil rich white males. I won't pay to watch this and I doubt many others will, too.