The Good Guys (1970)

Season 1 Episode 1

Let 'Em Eat Rolls

Aired Weekdays 8:30 PM Sep 25, 1968 on CBS
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Let 'Em Eat Rolls
Bert is talking to Claudia about not getting into schemes anymore. She does not want him thinking about Rufus. She leaves and Rufus enters. He comes in with a man named Horatio Hollander. He was riding in Rufus' cab and Rufus did not want to leave him alone because he was depressed. Horatio is a singer and is looking for his big break. Horatio leaves Bert's Place. Rufus wants to make a milk shake. Bert tells Rufus to do everything he does when making it. Rufus does fine until the last part of making the milk shake and he makes a mess.

Claudia's old boyfriend from school Arnold Schreck comes into Bert's Place because the refrigerator in his Limo broke down. Bert sees that he is coming so he tells Rufus to go behind the counter and work. Bert says to Arnold that he is the owner of many restaurants. He asks for a sandwich and Rufus makes a tuna fish sandwich with ketchup on the inside and mustard on the outside. While this is going on Bert finds out that Arnold is a producer for a record company. Bert wants to look good so when his bakery man comes in he orders 3000 rolls for his restaurant. Arnold then leaves.

At the Grammes' house Bert and Rufus want to tell Claudia that they want to manage Horatio's music career. He was staying there and she found out. She doesn't like the idea of it. Rufus buys a tape recorder and is going to send Arnold a copy of Horatio's song. Back at the diner the 3000 rolls are all over the kitchen. They want to hide them from Claudia because she doesn't know that Bert lied to Arnold. They hide them all over the kitchen in the refrigerator, in the oven and everywhere else there is space. Later Claudia comes down to help out. Rufus accidentally tells her to go in the refrigerator and out come a lot of rolls.

Later Bert and Claudia are arguing about the most simple minded sentence ever said was by them. Unknown to them the tape recorder is recording. It records there whole argument. The tape of Horatio is sent and later Arnold returns to the diner. He shes Claudia and she tells him that Bert only owns the one restaurant. He doesn't really care and tells them that the record will be a hit. He says it will be a comedy album. Bert and Claudia are embarrassed of there argument. Bert says great things about Claudia that he would like to have on the other side of the record. He then says that it was not what they meant to record and they then here Horatio's song. He said he likes the beat and will produce it if Horatio's does not have a manager. Arnold pays for Horatio's cab fare and for the 3000 rolls.moreless

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  • For a first episode, this is a very funny and well written episode

    This episode is filled with joke after joke and many funny scenes happen in this episode. The series began on the right track with this well wirten episode. Not many shows have a good pilot or even a good first season but that is not the case for "Let Em Eat Rolls" A scene that stands out is when Bert is teaching Rufus how to make a milk shake.
Bruce Glover

Bruce Glover

Bakery Man

Guest Star

Jim Connell

Jim Connell

Horatio Hollander

Guest Star

William Daniels

William Daniels

Arnold Schreck

Guest Star

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