The Good Guys (1970)

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  • The scene: a diner. A man, his wife and their best friend live their lives dreaming of making it big someday and getting caught up in some of the most not-to-be-believed misadventures ever concieved.

    'The Good Guys' was just plain fun without being cutesy. It was a show to watch while the viewer downed pizza and soda. The lyrics of the catchy theme song changed for the second season giving this show a freshness which isn't seen often. The episode which stands out for me, is the one about the smoked, corned beef hash and the cops thinking the diner was a front for drug peddling. Sadly, the show lasted about eighteen months and disappeared from American TV viewers.
  • Little Buddy moves on.

    Did you ever wonder what Bob Denver did after Gilligan's Island was canceled? Of course not, but I'm not going to let that stop me. The Good Guys was Mr. Denver's next stab at sitcom glory. I don't remember much about this show except that it also starred the great character actor Herb Edelman. Alan Hale Jr., the skipper from Gilligan's Island, made a couple of appearances in Season Two, thus completing the circle and satisfying the TV gods, if only for the moment.
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