The Good Guys (1970) - Season 2

CBS (ended 1970)


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Episode Guide

  • Art A La Carte
    Art A La Carte
    Episode 17
  • Compulsion
    Episode 16
  • Deep Are the Roots
    Deep Are the Roots
    Episode 15
  • A Fine Kettle of Fish
  • Communciation Gap
    Communciation Gap
    Episode 13
  • A Familiar Ring
    A Familiar Ring
    Episode 12
  • A Chimp Named Sam
    A Chimp Named Sam
    Episode 11
    Early one morning, Rufus finds a note and basket in front of his trailer door: the note asks him to take care of "Sam", while the basket contains a chimpanzee...which causes trouble for everyone else.
  • The Eyes Have It
    The Eyes Have It
    Episode 10
  • No Orchids For the Diner
    Bert is talking to Mr Bender. Mr Bender wants to sober up for his new job. Lilli Resphighi then enters the diner. Lilli asks for service. Claudia recognizes Lilli but can't figure out who she is. Lilli is talking to her men and asks Claudia for some wine. There isn't any wine at the diner and Lilli freaks out. She orders food but they are out of almost everything. While all this is going on Bert and Rufus are taking care of Mr Bender. Lilli and her men leave. Claudia then remembers where she has seen Lilli. Claudia shows Bert and Rufus a review of hers from a cuisine magazine.

    Claudia is calling her friend Blanche for gossip about Lilli. Claudia learns that Lilli Resphighi has moved to a house near the beach. Rufus enters with the cuisine magazine. They are reading all of the things Lilli has written to learn her favorite foods. Bert's friend Angel enters and asks for chili. They convene him in having the special. The special is the food they are preparing for Lilli. They make the special with a song to get everything correct. Angel enjoys the food. Lilli and Florian then enter. All she wants is a sweet roll and coffee. They convince her to stay and try the food. They try making the food again with the song but mess up and they spill the food on Lilli. She walks out.

    Rufus is reading a Captain Marvel comic book. Rufus tells Claudia the plan that Bert has thought of. Bert enters with a wig and a movie star outfit. His plan is to use his appeal on her to get her to return. Bert enters Lillis house Bert tries charming her. He asks her for another chance. While sitting he knocks his wig off. Bert leaves and talks to Rufus and Claudia and says he doesn't think she will come back. Rufus now trys to make an impression on her and brings the food over. Lilli likes him and gives Rufus a metal necklace. Bert told Rufus if he gets in trouble to turn off the lights. Lilli gives Rufus a drink and spills it on an outlet and the electricity goes out. The metal Rufus and Lilli were wearing gets magnetized.

    The new issue of the cuisine magazine comes. In it Lilli says that Bert and Rufus have the most determination she has ever seen. They are disappointed but then Mr Bender comes in. He wants the special and they make it again with the song.moreless

  • Is This Trip Necessary?
  • Fireman, Save My Diner
    Rufus is listening to music. Bert is filling in an application to be a volunteer fireman. The music is bothering Bert. Rufus decides he wants to be one to. A fire chief reads over Bert's application. A dog named Charlie comes in the chiefs office and barks at Bert. The chief wants to have a one hundred percent happy crew. Back at Bert's Place, Claudia is quizzing Bert on the parts of a fire truck. The chief comes in to say they will be doing a run through of a fire tomorrow. Charlie the dog comes in, and again the dog doesn't like Bert. Bert wonders why that is. Rufus tells Bert to be on the side of Charlie. Rufus pretends to be like a dog to teach Bert how he should act. Claudia comes in and wonders whats going on.

    The next day Bert and Rufus take the test. Bert climbs a ladder in ten seconds. When Rufus tries he knocks Bert off of it. After the test the other members vote on them. Rufus becomes a member but Bert doesn't because Charlie did not vote for him. Bert is upset that he did not get in. Rufus enters Bert's Place to check for safety violations. Rufus finds a gas leak, finds a problem with the stove and the fuse box needs redone. The new wiring will cost three hundred dollars. Bert is now at home. Rufus enters and now checks the house for violations. He wants Bert to replace outlets. The toaster blows up when Bert tries it so Rufus says to get a new one. Now this makes Claudia upset.

    The chief enters the Gramuss's house. He tells Bert that Rufus found violations at the station as well. He tells Bert to tell Rufus the Inspector will be doing a run-through the next day. The chief leaves. Bert tells Rufus to bring his music the next day. He does and they play it so loud that Rufus misses the inspection at the station. The record player catches on fire and Claudia calls the station. Luckily before they come Rufus puts out the fire. The inspector is happy Rufus put out the fire.

    Bert is now a fireman. He goes to Rufus' trailer to check for problems. He finds a lot and closes his house down.moreless

  • Total Honesty
    Total Honesty
    Episode 6
  • Claudia Sows A Few
    Claudia Sows A Few
    Episode 5
  • Fly In My Stew
    Fly In My Stew
    Episode 4
  • To Catch A Rufus
    To Catch A Rufus
    Episode 3
  • Two's a Crowd
    Two's a Crowd
    Episode 2
  • Winer, Diner And Mover