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The Good Guys is an action comedy about two detectives stuck in small crimes, though their "routine investigations" (Code 58s) often lead them into bigger cases and even bigger trouble. Jack Bailey (Colin Hanks), a cop who follows the rules but has an annoying habit of making enemies higher up, is paired with Dan Stark (Bradley Whitford), an unpredictable old-school cop whose heroic rescue of the Governor's son 30 years ago keeps him employed. Even so, Dan's drinking and antics leave him stuck with Jack in the Property Crimes Division. Jack's only ally is his ex, Assistant District Attorney Liz Traynor (Jenny Wade), who must balance chastising the troublesome duo with standing up for their unconventional police prowess to their boss Lieutenant Ana Ruiz (Dianna Maria Riva). Creator and Executive Producer Matt Nix (Burn Notice) originally conceived the series 10 years ago as a feature film script Jack & Dan to reinvent the buddy-cop comedy-action drama. The Good Guys ended after one season.moreless

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    • Gone way too soon!

      What a funny show! Bradley Whitford as Dan Stark is truly good comedy. The rest of the cast is good support but he fuels the fun. If you're looking for a cop show where the characters are entertaining instead of trying to prove what badasses they are, this is for you! Too bad The Good Guys got the Friday treatment and never got the ratings. Gone way too soon!
    • Bomba

      Sql serl !!!
    • Sad News

      The Good Guys was a great show. Too bad it was cancelled. It should have been given another season to build an audience.
    • Tha Good Guys

      I loved it!!! I'm so sick of you all pulling something someone besides teenagers want to watch. There are more of us baby boomers want to see besides if some can dance or sing. Hows the other shows doing for you?
    • Very good show, cut short on its way to being great.

      The Good Guys is fast-paced, funny, and very self-aware (although it might have benefited from a more interesting name). It knows its strengths and it always plays to them. Aside from the occasional romance drama between Jack and Liz, nothing gets in the way of the comedy on this show. It's a satire of buddy cop shows, particularly those from the 70's. The "loose cannon" cowboy cop archetype is brilliantly subverted with the barely functional Dan Stark. At the same time however, it is also reconstructed. Although the viewer is made to sympathize with those who disapprove of his not-exactly-by-the-book methods, we also see that he eventually gets the job done... usually... in a roundabout way. The guest parts in each episode are always hilarious and have real, developed personalities rather than being treated like throw-away's by the writers. Also, having the partners work in property crimes and be regarded with so little respect by everyone else keeps things fresh.

      Around halfway through the season, I decided I really only had two complaints about The Good Guys:

      1) Not enough funny parts for women.

      2) Though I love when Jack argues with him, I felt it would be nice to have a character who really admired Dan and thought he was like the greatest thing since sliced bread.

      Then they introduced Sam, a socially awkward female lab tech who always jumps at the chance to help Dan even if it puts her job at risk.

      This show was getting better with every episode and it's a shame it wasn't given time to grow.moreless

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