The Good Guys

Season 1 Episode 5


Aired Friday 9:00 PM Jun 28, 2010 on FOX



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    • Julius: Man, what took you so long? Man, I'm like, I'm like freaking out in this neighborhood.
      Skeeter: Dude, you asked me to find out about a criminal. All right? Most criminals live in areas with low median property values. And crime.

    • Julius: Skeeter, if this cop dies, I'm sleeping 18 inches from a metal toilet for the next half-decade, okay? Just focus on finding out where this deal is happening. And Skeeter, when we get there, you look for the cop with the mustache, okay? Everybody can shoot each other up, but we save the mustache.
      Skeeter: Save the mustache.
      Julius: Save the mustache.

    • Dan: I'm saying that being a cop is a team sport. It's you and me. You know, in the old days, we used to catch a bad guy, we'd call all our buddies, we'd let him go and we'd catch him again. Just so we could bust him together.
      Jack: Are you serious?
      Dan: Yeah. We called it Catch, Release and Catch Again. Look, you gotta understand the difference between the good guys and the bad guys. Bad guys are just a bunch of guys running around with guns. Good guys are a team of guys running around with guns. You learn that, maybe you won't spend the rest of your career working Property Crimes with Dan Stark.

    • Dan: You want a chip?
      Jack: No, I don't want a chip, Dan.
      Dan: You sure? They're barbecue. I think the dust they put on them makes you feel better.

    • Dan: See, the law is like a woman - she slaps you, doesn't do any good to get mad. It just makes it worse. A little sweet talk, before you know it, you're covered with baby oil, whipped cream on your nipples--
      Jack: Okay. Yeah, yeah, yeah. I get it, I get it.

    • Jack: Dan, we can't be in here.
      Dan: Why not? Looks illegal.
      Jack: What part of this looks illegal to you, Dan? All right? This is a truck filled with boxes.
      Dan: Yeah, boxes full of crime.
      Jack: Oh, okay. Well, that's a good one for the report. "Detective Stark made a visual inspection and determined that the boxes were filled with crime."
      Dan: Come on, we're on the five-yard line. I can feel it tinglin' in my loins!
      Jack: That's another gem for the report.

    • Jack: Oh, God! I cannot believe I let you talk me into this.
      Dan: Yeah, I can't either.

    • Jack: Dan, what are you doing?
      Dan: I'm trying to cut a hole with my knife so that the cellphone-wavey-thingys can run free, because of your fear of the ricochet.
      Jack: You're trying to cut a hole in a bullet-proof steel wall with a pocket knife? Good luck with that.
      Dan: I'll finish it later.

    • Dan: We've been questioning that South African guy. You know they got giraffes down there?

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