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Episode 15: Thoughts on "The Whistleblower"

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    [1]Oct 30, 2010
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    This time around The Good Guys are up against a bad girl and an oil company! It was funny when Jack and Dan tried to revive that guy. We also meet Liz's boyfriend Kyle in this who works for the oil company and Jack doesn't approve. The part where Dan was protecting Liz from a peeping tom was funny! This week's episode was an improve from the one last week. When Julius screamed at that peeping tom it was hilarious! The best part was at the end when Dan clobbered the villain with a golf club and yelled, "Fore!" Laughed myself sick! Awesome episode! made up for last week's! 5/5

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    Great episode, Kyle exposed, good and the sub storyline of the peeping tom just plain hilarious.
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