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FOX (ended 2010)

Episode 19: Review on Cop Killers

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    [1]Dec 4, 2010
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    Cool episode. Those people at Internal Affairs will stop at nothing to take down Dan! Funny story about the gun dealers and the released prisoners! Glad everything turned out okay for Dan. He's my favorite on the show. Is it me, orare allInternal Affairs on TV shows always evil? First on the Shield it was Kavanugh, then on American Dad for a few episode it was Turlington.

    Even though there's the finale next week, I hope this awesomely great show continues for a long time! 4/5.

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    [2]Dec 5, 2010
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    Well, to the eyes of the good cops internal affairs are always evil, because usually they are ruthless, but to us they are just doing a very necessary job. Great episode, I was kind of disappointed but that was just because in my guide it was billed as the season finale and I was thinking, this is it? Now I know that it was not, goody.
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