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Episode 2 "Bait & Switch" Discussion Thread

If you were Dan what would you rather "sacrifice" to catch the bad guys?

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    As usual, Dan's one-liners and the quotes were FUNny! This show really is a comedy to me. Dan would rather Jack let someone steal his hair gel or his MOTHER than Dan's beloved car. How sweet! What did you like about this episode? (I guess to be impartial I have to also say DISlike!) Discuss below, along with your response to this fun poll. Which prized item of Dan's would YOU mind the LEAST giving up if you were DAN? REMEMBER, Dan REALLY loves these few things in life. I think it would be hard for him to give up any of them! And I KNOW he couldn't do it without some hilariously funny comments and arguments!

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    I've just came across this show so bare with me!

    Loved the pilot and this one took it a step further. Tonnes of funny moments. Highlight had to be the fight with the computer. He got mighty stressed

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