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Production Dates?

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    Does anyone know if the filming schedules are posted anywhere? I'm curious because, although eps 13 and 14 aired a week apart, quite a few things seemed to have changed by ep 14. The cast looked slightly different, hair styles had changed a bit, "The Stash" was suddenly shorter, the set was being revamped (explained in-story, but still noteworthy), and even the characterizations were a little off, as if the cast was having to get back into their roles after a break. Even the overall mood seemed to be a little different, not to mention they added a new castmember (who I just adore --really enjoyed her previous work). So, I was hoping to find the shooting schedule somewhere to check and see if that might be the explanation.
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    Good eye on your deductions. As mentioned in the Episode 9 "Don't Tase Me Bro" discussion thread forum the original order was for 13 episodes. Also as mentioned in the Production NOTE in Episode 9's episode page, Fox then picked up an additional 7 episodes 2 days before the show aired it's "preview" pilot episode. Although the network originally scheduled more to air in the summer season, the network decided to end the summer with episode 9, although the original order of 13 were already in the can.

    So, your observationscould befairly accurate, especially the one about the setting. Fair Park, the outdoor setting of Dan's trailer home, as well as the place where the production team had it's sets,was taken when the production crew was scheduled to return to start shooting episode 14, and the producers were forced to find a new home for production, due to the Texas State Fair coming in for the annual event. I'll see what other interesting information I can dig up for the guide and for this forum. List any other observations you made or questions you have about production and we'll see what we can find out.

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