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Since the last episode of the season has aired......

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    I recently wrote the following concerning the show Terriers. Two days after I wrote this that show was cancelled after its first season. I am adapting it for The Good Guys as well.

    "With the last episode having aired I want to assure any who wonder about Terriers The Good Guys future that it is certain that this program will be cancelled. I believe this since any time I love a show as much as I love this one it is almost a certainty that it will not be renewed."

    I have recorded this series on DVD, just started watching it in the last week, and have just finished episode 13. Since I started watching this series I pretty much haven't watched anything else. There are few programs anymore where you literally break into gales of laughter, but this is the one you can constantly rely on for huge laughs. I have been a big fan of Whitford for years, but I never knew he could pull off this kind of humor. And Hanks has all the charm and talent that the Hanks name would suggest: Like father like son. The two ladies in the show are top notch, and hit their marks consistently. And the writing...fantastic.

    With all that is going for this show it will be a miracle for it to have a second season. And while I can hope, I am nearly sure that the cancellation announcement is only days away. Why I have this "kiss of death" for shows I like is baffling to me. But since it has happened so many times in the past several years I have come to expect it. Now I have to say that Fox did commit to 20 episodes, and that in itself should be encouraging.....but it isn't. So while I deeply hope I am wrong, I expect to again face the disappointment of another show I think is absolutely great being relegated to the trash can of network television.

    Thanks for all the amazing laughs The Good Guys. I am so thankful to have my DVD's to watch you again in the future. Here's hoping for a miracle. But I'm not holding my breath.

    With Great Affection,


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