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    Welcome to The Good Guys guide at, where you will find details, quotes, and information about Fox's new 2010 summer show. You are welcome to contribute to the forums and the guide, as long as you adhere to's Terms of Service and Guidelines. You can find these by clicking on the "'s Terms of Service" link above. Terms of Service are located below the Welcome and Help Center information.'s TOS includes information about forum terms and member conduct. Guidelines on the site, including contributing to guides, forms, and formattingare located just below the TOS on this same link. You can find details on user profiles, friends, reviews, leveling, and emblems as well.

    There is also a great resource, Helpful Site Links page, posted by one of our own top contributors. You can reach this by clicking on the "TV,com Helpful Site Links" link above.

    If you have any questions, comments, or helpful suggestions for the guide, please feel free to send a personal message to me. Be sure to tell others about the show and this site. The more fans we have, the more viewers will watch, and the better chance Jack and Dan have at continuing to catch the bad guys and making us laugh, all while dodging danger and barely escaping with their lives and their careers!

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