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  • The Good..Fun Show

    It's a fun show to watch. You just have to sit down and just watch. You don't have to think or expect more than action and funny parts from it. It might become boring after a while but for now it's a fun show to watch over the "summer" ( it's winter here ), just relax, clear your mind and enjoy it.

    Bradley Withford as an old school cop is hilarious. Yes, the character might be stupid and screaming at the computer for help because he don't know how to use was stupid, but it also was hilarious.

    Colin Hanks as a smartass by the book cop is kinda boring, and I really don't care much about his's not really the type of show to care. If he's not funny or a badass...or a chick I just...don't care. But I guess he contribute to the show by expecting something from Dan ( Withford )he doesn't know how to tracking him down with the signal of an ancle monitor...that lead to Withford screaming and kicking the laptop.

    Both are in charge of small crimes that will lead to bigger crimes. Like from a broken window they find stolen cars.

    The way to show the story, from different points of view in a flashback seems to be working, but I don't know if it will last long.

    Sadly I don't expect another season...I don't think it will last longer than a season on fox. I don't know why Matt Nix didn't pitch it to USA, I think it's a great show to air next to Psych and he's working on Burn Notice there.

    Just watch, don't expect more than the show has to offer and enjoy.