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  • Marvelously hilarious. "The Good Guys" is a breath of fresh air, in a lineup normally filled with pedestrian programming. Differentiates itself incredibly well in time dominated by formulaic police procedurals.

    Summer is usually where old shows go to die, or worse, where ghosts of dead shows (*wink*...Three Rivers...*wink*) haunt and taunt fans. However, it's also a place where unique and quirky shows like this are given a fair chance to survive, unless of course their on Fox, but more on that later.

    While on first glace, one might figure "The Good Guys" quite similar to other, now deceased, slightly comedic cop show, the most recent being "The Unusuals", after about 15 min with Bradley Whitford, this is clearly a different animal. While at times the constant flashbacks can be a bit jarring, they're usually used to facilitate a joke, or to provide a different perspective on a situation, much like when you recount a personal story to friends. The plots are often outlandish and over the top, but not so much so that it becomes a joke unto itself. But nevertheless, it quite effectively combines old world and new world approaches, both in police work and in producing cop show.

    As for the casting, I couldn't have picked more appropriate talent for these characters, and these are indeed characters. Whitford brings back a comedic undertone reminiscent of his tenure as Josh Lyman on "The West Wing." Coupled with Colin Hanks, who hasn't been principal since his time on "Roswell", provides an effective foil that is used to draw parallels and, from time to time, poke fun at 70s and early 80s cop shows. Even though Hanks still has a long way to go to match the skill of Whitford, this pairing should provide the perfect environment for cultivating some interesting talent. It's also good to see Jenny Wade moving out of her indie motion picture area. Whether she ends up replacing Sarah Paulson as the non-stereotypical bombshell blonde, or even perhaps surpassing her to become a diverse silver screen heavyweight, even by the third episode she has yet to be given the chance to flex her dramatic muscles.

    All in all, "The Good Guys" is a good start to the summer lineup, and even more surprising coming from Fox. This also adds another show to Matt Nix's resume, a worthy followup to "Burn Notice". Although unless the American audience can identify with his production, his creation will be exiled to a footnote in television history.
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