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  • Filmed in Dallas but not by local residents.

    The Good Guys is a fun cop show that takes place in Dallas Texas. The only problem is that the production crew doesn't know much about Dallas or Texas. Like why is the Dallas Police Department in Fair Park? And no one from Texas says says Houston like House-ton: it's Hue - ston. This isn't Manhatan. This is relevant since the "Dan Stark" character is depicted as a long time Dallas resident. There are other problems that I won't go into.

    Leaving that aside the show does a good job of bringing back the misfit copy show. The thanks for this goes largely to Bradley Whitford and his ability to "Go All In" with his character portrayal of "Dan Stark". The over arching and recurring theme is Dan convinces his partner "Jack Bailey" (played by Colin Banks) to break some rule or look the other way in order to save the day. The the episode ends with the police captain simultaneously admonishing and praising the two for their actions. If the writers can keep from repeatedly falling in to this trap then the series may have a future.