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The Good Wife is a female-driven drama about a politician's wife who pursues her own career as a defense attorney after her husband is sent to jail on charges of political corruption. Alicia Florrick (Julianna Margulies) will not only have to deal with her career but also with keeping her family together by providing a stable home for her two children. The Good Wife returns for a 7th season on October 4, 2015.

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Fan Reviews (115)

  • Waiting in Spain for the Return...

    I loooooooove The Good Wife and im a fan of Alicia Florrick and Kalinda. I hope to see in FOX Spain the new season soon.
  • Waiting for Return of "The Good Wife"

    I LOVE the "GOOD WIFE", but as in other TV shows: WHY do all the main casting people leave :( Some say more money, some speculate they want "better story lines". Either Way: I ADMIT I AM A 100% LOVER of the "Good Wife", but was very sad when they killed off Will. I personally didn't want him with Alicia, but his character was great. Loved the days end when he & Diane would have that DRINK :)

    ON another note: Was VERY Disappointed when Cary & Alicia took close to (2) Seasons to plan & get their OWN firm on track. Then they even extended the leaf to Diane, and made her a partner. BUT WHY, WHY ON EARTH would Diane listen to a gut she went "shooting with" (with her husband). Who is he? Please.... I actually COULDNT believe my eyes how fast she went to Cary as they discussed Alicia being a liability to their firm, and then "LET-HER-GO" - Now that was SO DISAPPOINTING! To me Alicia & Cary started everything up, and mainly at her own apartment at the very beginning. Then they give her the boot. It was bad enough that she end up losing the State's Atty. position, but then her job. SHe opened her heart & door up to Diane (when all she has was David Lee) and then Diane & Cary push Alicia out of their firm-that was so disappointing! But now are these rumors true that Kalinda actually left the show??? I really HOPE NOT! I simply LOVE HER! Her character was just great! Please bring her back! If Kalinda comes back, please let her be with Alicia. If she doesn't return, the other investigator "Robin" was good. I thought she played her part very well. Let's hope Alicia & Michael J. Fox go right for the "Juggular" - BRING IT ON! Also, one more thing I personally want Alicia & Peter to rekindle what "they still have" (whenever I seen them intimate: I LOVED IT) I hope Grace & Zack also are shown more this season. And let's not forget "Eli" - Gotta Love Him!moreless
  • Not So 'Good'

    She walks away from her victory; her partners are supposed to be concerned with her well-being;

    Kalinda's a walking dead woman (we know Punjabi left the Show); nothing remains here that has

    any resemblance to entertainment. This Show represents the largest betrayal of viewers in recent

    memory. It's Star/Producer should be shunned in perpetuity. She is a demented Hack.
  • Oh Please whining children;

    DonnaPooleBin is a perfect example of; "Now that you have written, produced, filmed and edited", I have a better way of doing your job.

    If so, why doesn't she have it?

    Because she is one of the Internets many million whining children who feel accomplishment for undermining the actual hours and work of others.

    Am I undermining her work? No. Because there is not any real work involved with her. Just hatred, rationalization and shallow excuses for what is clearly a currently less than creative and productive life.

    I wish her and the other ungrateful and immature well, while maintaining respect for the difficult work done to bring us what is so often selfishly absorbed unappreciated pleasure.moreless
  • When Kalinda goes, so will the audience.

    Whatever ego problems are beneath the scenes that never show Alicia and Kalinda together, should not be imposed upon a dwindling audience. They should also have re-thought the whole Will thing. Whatever he wanted, (more money?), should have been seriously entertained. After his demise we rarely watched TGW, and when we did we enjoyed Kalinda's character and the kooky-brainy lawyer the most. It is creepy not seeing Kalinda in same shot as Alicia. It's like spying on some dysfunctional family. It sure comes off as someone being a biatch. And it ain't Kalinda. Will made Alicia more human. Without Will and Kalinda, that ship is going down.moreless

    The Good Wife Season 7 Premiere Review: Chains of Independence

    Alicia is starting over—again—and it's no easier than it was 6 years ago.


    The Good Wife Casts Vanessa Williams

    The actress will play a love interest for Eli.

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