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The Good Wife is a female-driven drama about a politician's wife who pursues her own career as a defense attorney after her husband is sent to jail on charges of political corruption. Alicia Florrick (Julianna Margulies) will not only have to deal with her career but also with keeping her family together by providing a stable home for her two children. The Good Wife returns for a 5th season on September 29, 2013.

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  • When Kalinda goes, so will the audience.

    Whatever ego problems are beneath the scenes that never show Alicia and Kalinda together, should not be imposed upon a dwindling audience. They should also have re-thought the whole Will thing. Whatever he wanted, (more money?), should have been seriously entertained. After his demise we rarely watched TGW, and when we did we enjoyed Kalinda's character and the kooky-brainy lawyer the most. It is creepy not seeing Kalinda in same shot as Alicia. It's like spying on some dysfunctional family. It sure comes off as someone being a biatch. And it ain't Kalinda. Will made Alicia more human. Without Will and Kalinda, that ship is going down.moreless
  • Just Misery

    This show has become so disappointing. I have the enjoyed the clever and powerful women in this show and their triumphs. Now there are no triumphs. Just failure and misery. Everyone is miserable. All the women destroyed by men. Some of the good men destroyed or almost destroyed by women. Where can this go that is positive? I want the clever courtroom scenes back. The internal politics that are interesting and BENIGN. Not just another mean girls and boys show. Yuck!moreless
  • Where has Good Wife gone?

    This was once my favorite show on TV. No more! The characters seem like they've been rewritten for a brand new show that I don't recognize. Alicia used to be a great character. Now, she's just "B"tchy. Her relationship with Peter is just stupid. All the totally awesome lawyering has been lost. Where was all that when Cary needed it. Nowhere. I don't know if there's problems behind the scenes or what. I tried watching last week and within the first 15 minutes I shut it off. It's not Good Wife anymore. I don't even know what it is now. It's definately not good. It's such a disappointment. Oh, and by the way, memories of Will should be Josh Charles, not the guy that plays Fin.moreless
  • The good wife

    If Alicia does not win the election, I will stop watching this show. I have been a follower since the pilot episode. She is a great female lead actress and she stands up for what's right. If she has to bow down due to politics then this show has turned to crap. I love the show because she is powerful, demanding and does not back down for anything. Sincerely highly disappointed after watching tonight's episodemoreless
  • Kalinda fabricating evidence? Please!

    Kalinda fabricating evidence and being meek to Bishop? Then Diane finds it and uses it. The show went off the rails with that plot. I liked the strong Kalinda who would legally figure something out and bending but not breaking the rules. I also miss the courtroom scenes whenever they manage to have them. continue to like the show and look forward to seeing it.

    The Good Wife "The Deconstruction" Review: The Goodbye Girls

    A boring comedy of errors threw Alicia's future into question, and Kalinda did what she does best.


    The Good Wife "Winning Ugly" Review: Ain't No Party Like a State Democratic Party

    Alicia fought the cries for a recall only to be undermined from within. Meanwhile, the firm scrambled to save itself from Kalinda's forged evidence.

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