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The Good Wife is a female-driven drama about a politician's wife who pursues her own career as a defense attorney after her husband is sent to jail on charges of political corruption. Alicia Florrick (Julianna Margulies) will not only have to deal with her career but also with keeping her family together by providing a stable home for her two children. The Good Wife returns for a 7th season on October 4, 2015.

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  • Thumbs down for Jeffrey Dean Morgan

    I know Kalinda has gone but please don't let us see this horse's ass wreck The Good Wife like he did Extant.
  • The Good Wife, get rid of the politics!

    The Good Wife has been one of my favorite shows until this year. Now it is all about politics, which we are flooded with in the news every day! We watch these TV episodes to be entertained, not to be constantly barraged with the ugly life of politics! Go back to the very interesting court cases and the lawyering! And get Kalinda back and then get rid of Michael J Fox, can't understand anything he says!moreless
  • This is must see- On a Monday Night

    Sorry, but it's never on when scheduled, so I set my DVR to record GW and CSI Cyber, so I can catch the overflow.

    It's on too late for me on Sunday so I have a regular Monday date when I get home from work. Love the show, with one little gripe.

    The new Eli-type character just isn't working for me. She isn't adding anything that wouldn't have been handled expertly by Eli himself. And if I have to watch the door slam into his desk one more time I'll scream. OK writers, you have hit that one note to death.moreless
  • What has happened with the writing?

    It reminds me of when Aaron Sorkin left The West Wing. It was so obvious. The whole writing and directing style just changed and not for the good. Same now with The Good Wife. I even did a search to see if they had changed the writing and apparently, no. It's all over the place. What the hell have they done with Eli? Why bring in this big bruiser of a bully. Also, thought for a nano-second that the new love interest (the guy from Extant) might be fun, but they are wasting him as well. I don't see any real storyline or character development at all. Back at the same tired firm and bringing up the old guy, the joke, as a legit story line?

    I want Kalinda, I want Demond Bishop, I want more Peter, and bring back Meryl

    Streeps daughter for a few shows. What you are doing now is not working.moreless
  • Good Wife Jumped the Shark

    This went from a show that I loved and from characters I enjoyed how they developed, to a show that seems to have lost its direction and trying amateurishly to recapture what made it popular to begin with.

    Kalinda was my favorite character, but before she left the show the character was not utilized very well. The character of Alicia is all over the place, one minute she is naive and sweet and gullible, the next a savey cutthroat shark capable of winning a political office. The idea that she would go from a partner/attorney's office winner/governors wife to a woman struggling to restart a buisness practive is absurd to me.

    The other characters of the show seem to be devolving. Diane Lockhart seems to be forever stuck at odds with Alicia, a tired position/story arc. Eli Gold is a childish comic relief role? Howard Lyman is now a strong attorney? Cary Agos is....... what is Cary Agos suposed to be anyway, seems like his character is in limbo too, what is he, sharp and ambitious or a clueless half wit getting played all the time?

    Was a fan , ..... no Im not. Time for a spinoff with Kalinda, start fresh.moreless

    The 14 Best New Characters of the 2015-2016 Fall Season

    A bumbling lawyer, a scared security guard, and a man who can use his whole brain are among those who made the list.


    The Good Wife "Restraint" Review: Principled Appearances

    Diane had her politics and business savvy put to the test by a fetal organ video, and Grace inadvertently took advantage of it to bring clients to Florrick/Quinn.

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