The Good Wife

Season 5 Episode 3

A Precious Commodity

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Oct 13, 2013 on CBS

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  • Fight Fight.

    Highlights- Alicia and Grace: Always nice to see family activities even when things around them are going on they can still have a little family story. Zach didn't really seem to care what Grace was up to. But being a big brother he did let mom know about the website. The look on Alicia's face was priceless. Then reading all the comments, lol. But Grace did look amazing. Alicia thinking that all the boys wanted Grace(to a certain extent a lot did, or at least wanted to know her better)but Grace had it in perspective. It tugged my heart when she told her mom: "Mom, I want to be pretty, let me be pretty!" It was so sweet the way she said it. In a way Alicia should be happy Grace wants to wear her clothes. Lots of girls think moms clothes are old fashion, or as they used to say not hip! It was funny how Alicia dismissed the Pastor Cam!!

    Diane-Will: Diane didn't have to tell the Judge interview about Will's activities and $45,000.00. But she did and she filled in Will about it. He got mad, but I think the call he got as he was running and thinking it out by Mandy Post sent him over the edge. I was surprised how quickly Will got David Lee(he would agree to moving up), Howard Lyman(he later thought they offered to much), and the lesser known Daniel Hecht and Amber Wallis. The meeting in the empty Building was strange. Then David Lee's comment to Alicia when she was late was funny, and pure David Lee,"Alicia, why are you late, did you come by Bicycle?? LOL, at least something like that. Diane did a great job, telling Will and gang that he had to call Security to escort her out. I know David Lee would have, lol. But Will didn't want the publicity. He also I bet still had respect for her. You could see Alicia hurt and thinking hard about the situation. Wills offer to Alicia is temping.

    Alicia's Case: I could definitely agree with Tara Bach that she wanted to have the baby. She could feel it in her moving. But I could also see Kathy and Brian Eisenstadt's point that they didn't want the baby to suffer. And then consequently themselves. David Lee helping Alicia on the case was a nice change. Later when Peter Florrick came to talk to Alicia I could see that David wasn't so happy to see him. Lawyer Carter Schmidt did a good job trying to keep the case in the Eisenstadt's favor. But didn't like him asking about Tara's sexual partners to discredit her. Where did they find that ex date so quickly anyway? Also Judge Timothy Stanek didn't have to do anything crazy like some Judges do, and kept the trial interesting. I didn't like that the Dr. John Tuft was checked for problems in his past. But I know lawyers do those things. But Kathy not wanting to touch Tara's belly to feel the kick was so not loving. Not sure what will happen when the baby is born, but we will have to see if the show continues with this story. Also David Lee's snippets(sarcasm) in court were for the most part funny.

    Peter,Eli, Marilyn and Alicia: It was nice to have Marilyn moved back to her old post. Her not wanting to take the move to Springfield was good. Then her not agreeing with Eli was also interesting. Unfettered access. I wonder with the talk she had with Peter, and he was so nice to her might have made him think of something, then run to Alicia to renew his vows. He may have had thoughts, but I can't believe if everything is going right at home, that he would stray again. That is why the "I love yous" from both side was nice with Alicia. I know Eli will constantly worry, but I think if he just watches from a safe distance there will be no problems.

    Kalinda and Robyn: David Lee going to Robyn for help instead of Kalinda was funny. But then Robyn telling Kalinda about Alicia moving to was not a good idea. I am surprised she didn't run to Will with the info. He had her checking into Diane's old cases to find flaws. So it wasn't like Will lost faith in her. Even if David Lee had.

    Alicia, Cary and Carey: It was nice that Alicia would not confirm or deny about the problems with Diane and her leaving. But after all the Diane-Will drama it was nice her going to Cary and saying: "We need to leave this week!" I was surprised Cary didn't try to ask Kalinda what was up with Diane-Will. But wouldn't you know, by being in the same office, that something is up? I guess he knew something was up just not the full extent.

    I do agree all of this could have gone over a couple episodes.
  • A Precious Commodity

    They are slowly building things up with Lockhart Gardner and Agos Florrick, and that should pay off in the near future. The case was really good here as well as it brought up morality issues and legal issues regarding surrogacy.

    Another well-done episode.
  • I'm suffocating here

    Please let these guys take the decision about leaving the firm already, because this is too stressing for me. All the secrets and all the bad feelings and all that David Lee stuff need to end now and start going in a different direction or I will suffocate. I don't think this was as great as other episodes (for example, last week was brilliant, in my opinion). But I do take interest in all these body control matters, so that part was interesting to see.
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