The Good Wife

Season 4 Episode 2

And the Law Won

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Oct 07, 2012 on CBS

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  • Enjoyable

    It was weird seeing both Abby and Carol from good old ER together - but I think it'll add an interesting dynamis to the storyline, though it did come a bit out of nowhere? Has Maddie ever been mentioned before? Plus the whole possible "romance" between them was a bit of a shocker, I'd never pictured that as a storyline, what with Will and everything.

    I agree with Dec1964 - I'm very interested in seeing where Kalinda's story with her husband is going. Why are "English" people deemed interesting on American tv? (I'm English - just interests me that a lot of tv series have a token actor with an English accent). I'm sure that Kalinda could just as easily have been married to an American?

    I'll keep watching, that's for sure!
  • Another great episode

    I thoroughly enjoyed this new episode. It'll be interesting to see how Kalinda and her ex's relationship unfolds next. I'm also curious about Maddie's deep interest in there a deeper hidden agenda behind it that is yet to be revealed?
  • And the Law Won

    Another solid episode of The Good Wife. They continue to have intriguing cases, but I would have liked this week's case to be front and center and not a backdrop to a romance between Alicia and another woman.

    The bankruptcy situation is intriguing as well, but we know Alicia isn't getting fired, so it's hard to generate suspense that way.