The Good Wife

Season 3 Episode 13

Bitcoin for Dummies

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Jan 15, 2012 on CBS

Episode Recap

Dylan Stack, digital law attorney, wants Alicia's help in dealing with the Treasury Department. Knowing Alicia's history with the prosecuting attorney, Gordon Higgs, Stack has headed to Lockhart-Gardner with a bunch of money to throw at Alicia, if she'll help him with the case. Stack's client is the creator of a purely digital currency called "bitcoin", and the Feds are after "Mr. Bitcoin" because it's illegal to create currency. Stack claims that bitcoin isn't currency, but a commodity, something traded for between individuals. Since Mr. Bitcoin wants to remain anonymous, Stack's name is all over the legal documents for bitcoin, and the Treasury is after him. Kalinda is charged with trying to uncover the identity of the real Mr. Bitcoin.

Meanwhile, Will is still mired in his pending case, and Elspeth has a meeting with the prosecution team in her office, which is being stripped down because of asbestos removal. Elspeth asks Cary to give her the names of the three judges being investigated in Will's case, and Will claims that he doesn't recognize any of them. Afterwards, Wendy urges Dana to put pressure on Kalinda. Later, Dana meets with Kalinda at a bar, confronting her with the forged document Alicia signed and put into evidence during the recent divorce case. If the forgery got out, then Alicia could be disbarred. Dana says that Kalinda needs to help the SA office, otherwise she'll make the document public.

Meanwhile, Zach is spending a lot of time with his girlfriend Nisa, but when Alicia overhears them saying "I love you", she confronts her son. Zach wonders if his mom is upset because Nisa is black, but Alicia says that they're simply too young. Later, Zach and Nisa head for Peter's apartment instead but Momma Florick is there. Jackie also tells Zach that he's too young to have a girlfriend. She also points out that it must be hard for them to see one another, since they attend different schools and have to travel across town to meet. Zach goes to a private school and Nisa to a public one after all.

Zach uses this info to his advantage. He tells Alicia that Grandma Jackie said he couldn't date Nisa because if their different social backgrounds. This ends with Zach inviting his girlfriend over, saying that his mom's okay with it.

Kalinda attends a cryptography convention and tracks down a woman named Elaine Middleton. She confronts Elaine about being "Ms. Bitcoin". Elaine gives her the name of a Chinese econophysicist, Bao Shuwei. He's Mr. Bitcoin, she insists. Kalinda talks to Bao, who reveals that there's an encrypted message embedded into the bitcoin code proclaiming Stack's innocence. The message was sent while Stack is in custody, meaning he couldn't be the culprit. The message originated from Kalinda's computer, which was ghosted by Bao.

Kalinda goes to confront Bao but he's gone, leaving behind a note saying that he loves her.With the pressure off Stack as being Mr. Bitcoin, he's released and the case against him is dropped. Kalinda speaks to Stack, and she reveals that she knows Mr. Bitcoin is three people: Elaine was responsible for the manifesto, Bao wrote the code, and Stack came up with the idea.

Will confides in Kalinda that he's worried about the case, but later Kalinda meets with Dana and offers her a big stack of the McDermott files. Anything to help Alicia, right?