The Good Wife

Season 3 Episode 13

Bitcoin for Dummies

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Jan 15, 2012 on CBS

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  • Good episode, but...

    I liked this episode quite a bit, but someone needs to show Christine Baranski how to use an iPhone. Watch the phone conversation between Diane and Will from about the 3:00-4:00 mark. She's using it upside down. While she's talking, you can see the phono jack at the 'bottom', and when she hangs up you can see the docking ports on the 'top'. Whoops...
  • Bitcoin for Dummies


    I laughed at the idea of CBS promoting Jason Biggs appearing as a big deal, but he was probably a smart choice for this slightly offbeat role. It was an intriguing case and did make us ask some real questions about what currency is and what the future holds for our economy. Seeing Jim Cramer during the episode nearly made me lose it.

    Another strong offering from The Good Wife. Great case, great drama.

  • I'm a newbie to the series and find it enjoyable but . . .

    Up front I'll say two things. I'm a newbie to this series having just started watching it in the last month or so. Second, I round up my ratings (e.g. 9.51+ = 10, since we lost .1 increments).

    I'm finding I like this episode and am able to follow even being new, which is wonderful. What I don't understand is their getting legal issue wrong. Is this typical? After all this is a series about a law firm and you'd think the writers would get their facts right on the "real stuff," so the fiction is believable / better, right?

    While it isn't legal to mint your own coins, it is legal in the USA to create your own currency. Yes, there are more regulations but this has been legal to create your own currency, since the USA started and is so to this day. I'll point you to: and Why didn't the consultants, network attorneys, etc let the writers and producers know this fact? Hey, maybe they did but someone decided the truth didn't matter. I just hope people don't get their legal knowledge from this TV series!
  • "Real" is gonna change

    Bitcoin is the biggest invention since the Internet. great job CBS! learn how to get started at
  • Bitcoin is real, but not illegal

    Just so you're aware :)