The Good Wife

Season 2 Episode 23

Closing Arguments

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM May 17, 2011 on CBS

Episode Recap

Lockhart Gardner is representing a man who is accused of killing a judge. The judge had ruled against Jake Rickter in the wrongful death of his son by a dentist. Things look grim for the defense until a crucial piece of evidence falls into Alicia's hands, the victim's missing glove. With the new evidence, the firm must hurry to get it to the courtroom before the jury deliberates. Meanwhile, Diane speaks with Alicia about a possible promotion in her future and Owen is hopeful for a family dinner with his sister and her kids.

Reluctantly, Alicia asks Kalinda for help with identifying the DNA from the bloody glove, and Sophia is called in as well.

Eli has decided that his firm ought to partner with Lockhart Gardner, and Alicia is the perfect liaison to help him. Eli is getting ready for Peter's possible campaign for Illinois governor, and he knows he needs Alicia on his side to make that happen.

The judge in the case denies Gardner's motion to dismiss, but she requests more evidence that it's the victim's glove. But who sent the glove to Alicia? The investigation narrows down to a single suspect, who said he didn't like the judge only because he kept delaying the court date to deal with his daughter.

Will and Peter speak, Peter saying that he's not at the firm in any official capacity and openly wonders why the glove suddenly showed up. The pair also discuss Alicia, and when Will asks whether things are "good", Peter says yes. There is an awkward tension between them.

Sophia says that the envelope has two sets of prints, and one is from an ex-con who happens to be working at the firm's mail room. Alicia speaks to the mail clerk, but then she realizes that she's late for the family dinner. However, Jackie shows up to make things awkward between Owen and the kids.

Will is in the courthouse restroom and manages to allow one of the jurors to overhear him discussing the case. Since two jurors were in the restroom, the deliberation would need to start over with two alternate jurors, meaning more time for the defense to track down the true killer.

Kalinda and Sophia sleep together, but then Sophia gets a call from her husband, and Kalinda is shocked, claiming that she didn't know that Sophia was married. But Sophia reminds her that she did. After her tryst with Peter, it seems that Kalinda is now wary of becoming "the other woman".

Diane sends Kalinda and Alicia together to speak with the murdered judge's estranged daughter, who is in rehab in Arizona. It seems that she has issues with her father never acknowledging that she existed because she was a drug addict. She also said that her father was crooked and taking bribes to rule in certain clients' favor. Kalinda manages to dig up a hidden hypodermic needle from the daughter's bathroom, and they can use it to get a DNA sample of the daughter.

Diane tells Alicia that Eli and joining the firm and that they want her to be the official liaison between the two, the political and the legal. Alicia is shocked, not expecting this kind of promotion, but Diane reminds her that the path to the top is often incestuous.

The jury returns from deliberation, but not to give a verdict. Instead they want the transcript reread, all 180 pages of it. More time for the defense! Diane realizes that if the victim was taking bribes, they needed to find out which cases the judge removed himself from. Find those parties, and they hopefully find the killer.

The firm discovers that a couple lost a $33 dollar lawsuit because the victim recused himself from the trial. The DNA from the glove is a match for one of the plaintiffs in that lawsuit. Judge Morris declares a mistrial, and it's revealed that Peter was the one who mailed Alicia the glove.

Will and Alicia have celebratory drinks, and as they ride the elation of winning the case, they finally give in to their feelings for each other. They head for the nearest hotel (where the only room left is the presidential suite, which Will gladly books) and they share a passionate kiss in the elevator before heading to the hotel room. All they want is an hour for themselves.

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