The Good Wife

Season 2 Episode 23

Closing Arguments

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM May 17, 2011 on CBS

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  • Another great season down. One to go...

    I first have to start by saying that this whole season was incredible! But, as for a season finale I didn't think that this case was particularly finale-worthy. Everything else was fantastic though. The ending couldn't have been better. Even though every little thing was against them, they still went through with it. YAY! And that song. Perfect!!!

    I hate what is going on with Alicia and Kalinda. But something needed to happen to push Alicia back into Will's arms.
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    Well, the episode ended with Will and Alicia finally getting together. I think this is a dangerous path the show is going on. CBS is not about hookups between the male and female leads, and I think the idea of these two kissing in the office instead of doing what they do best and that is try cases, could be a problem for this show next year.

    Obviously, this overshadowed the case, but the case of the week was pretty good as well. Never before have I seen someone so excited about the prospect of a mistrial. I am guessing that Peter may decide to send it back to trial to punish Alicia next season. Now that would be some good fun.

    Strong way to end the year for this show.
  • Finally! [SPOILERS]

    It took the writers 2 seasons, but we finally got to see Alicia and Will having "good timing". That was a great episode. I was a bit disappointed by last week's episode as Alicia didn't seem like her true self, being mean to everyone.
    In the season finale, we can see her strong as usual but also sensitive.

    I won't say that she forgave Kalinda but she managed to be in the same room as her and to ask for her help.

    The case was good, too with a nice twist at the end. Peter is the one who sent the glove. He needed to clean house anyway...

    But of course, the icing on the cake came with the last scene. Alicia and Will try to have good timing, even for an hour. The scene at the bar is awesome, the one at the reception hilarious and the one in the elevator, tremendous. We can see how Alicia goes from hesitation to certainty she has to try something, as the elevator passes floor. That was very well written.

    I can't wait for season 3. Hope Alicia and Kalinda will be friends again, too. Because I love them together. The writers also need to give a chance to Kalinda and Cary. Such chemistry can't be denied and left unused.
  • The simplicity of the final scene that was perfectly acted, directed and shot shows the strength of The Good Wife.

    The finale sets its tone when an integral piece of evidence in a murder case falls from an envelope Alicia opens. The quiet tone of the show can have its dark underlining. There's a form of sensation that comes from the easy shots and strong script. The conversations are interesting and entertaining and the biggest story twists come from them. They form a connection between every story that has been told and result in an well packed finale in every sense of the word. The case itself is interesting enough to carry the episode. The grey area Will finds himself continuously is refreshing. Far from the average cases that legal shows tend to throw around. On a personal level the episode doesn't really go out. It can be found in the simple scenes like Jackie joining Alicia's brother and the kids for diner. The promotion that awaits Alicia. Or the game plan Eli has to obey to. It's well thought through and executed wonderfully. That final scene. Really.
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