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I was starting to believe that Alicia would not leave the firm after the recent events. And in this episode, they actually offered her a managing partner position to replace Diane!! Then I thought, this is done, she's not leaving. But it seems Cary convinced her that Will just wants somebody that he can manipulate. What do you think? What made the difference for Alicia to decide? Would you stay or leave? The other firm, full of youngsters, doesn't look very appealing neither, does it?

Oh, but in any case, i do hope they leave soon. Because I am a little too stressed about this plot now. And also about David Lee. I like the character, but lately I just find it is too much of him. He's very intense. What do you think?

And now Kalinda knows that Alicia is leaving... she didn't know that before? It seems their relationship is totally frozen on Alicia's side, but not in Kalinda's.

The case of the week was interesting, in my opinion, and very complex. There are some ethical issues that are not so easy to resolve for me, and this is one of them. The relationship between the parts made it more compelling and dramatic. And I wish David Lee would not have been in the middle with the whole suing the hospital thing.

I believe Noel is on vacation and we will not have a review. Or maybe he will write one and he's just late. Or maybe there will be no more reviews, I have no idea. I'm opening this discussion thread in case there are some people out there that, like me, want to discuss this episode.
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