The Good Wife

Season 1 Episode 5


Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Oct 20, 2009 on CBS



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    • Peter: Mom tells me you're working on a hard case.
      Alicia: Yep.
      Peter: I guess you're putting in a lot of hours with Will. (she gives him an interrogative look) A lot of time to think about things in here.
      Alicia: A lot of time out there, too.
      Peter: He's not what he seems, Alicia.
      Alicia: Peter, if it's one thing I'm learning... nobody is.
      Peter: Gardner acts like he's this good guy and he's everybody's best friend, but I could tell you a few things about him. (she laughs softly) What?
      Alicia: Can we... Can we at least acknowledge how ironic this conversation is? (he laughs)

    • Alicia: (taking a depo) So, Ms. Conley, you're saying you have nothing to do with approving or denying overtime?
      Ms. Conley: That's right.
      Alicia: And what about David Merriman? Has he ever approved or denied overtime?
      Ms. Conley: I don't recall.
      Alicia: Did any of the accident victims work overtime the week before the Lakeshore crash?
      Ms. Conley: I don't recall.
      Alicia: Did any of them routinely put in for ovetime?
      Ms. Conley: I don't recall.
      Alicia: Ms. Conley, are you married?
      Ms. Conley: I don't re...
      Alicia: Oh, I'm so sorry, Ms. Conley. I've got three clients who lost their husband-- must have been a Freudian slip.

    • Judge Parks: Mr. Gardner, how long would it take to depose these witnesses?
      Will: To properly prepare and depose, I would say one month.
      Judge Parks: You have three days.
      Will: Three? But, Your Honor, that isn't...
      Judge Parks: Now you have two days. Want to try for one?
      Will: No, thank you, Your Honor.
      Patti Nyholm: Your Honor, if I could just interject here. These executives are very busy people. Even two hours out of their work day...
      Judge Parks: Ms. Nyholm, you just gace Mr. Gardner back his third day. Would you like to give him a fourth?
      Patti Nyholm: No, Your Honor. I'll stop.
      Judge Parks: Good.

    • Peter: (to Alicia) Don't give up on me. Come on, don't give up on me.

    • Grace: I'm mad at him, but he's still Dad.

    • Alicia: This thing you're doing with Diane, does it have anything to do with Malcom Overby?
      Kalinda: No.
      Alicia: It doesn't?
      Kalinda: No, you can't ask me.
      Alicia: It's just... if he's coming on as third partner, Will should know.
      Kalinda: You can't ask me and I can't tell you but don't conclude from what I'm saying it's what you think.
      Alicia: Okay. Can you be any more specific?
      Kalinda: No. (walks away)

    • Kalinda: (she just made her report about Malcolm Overby) Are you sure that's what you're looking for?
      Diane: I... don't know. Should I be looking for something else?
      Kalinda: Well, that's like asking the dentist whether you should brush.

    • Kalinda: Do you know how much you pay jury consultants?
      Diane: No.
      Kalinda: A hundred thousand dollars for three months work.
      Diane: That sounds about right.
      Kalinda: Do you know how much I make?
      Diane: I have a feeling I'm finding out.
      Kalinda: A fourth of that.
      Diane: That sounds outrageous.
      Kalinda: Yeah, it does, doesn't it?

    • Alicia: You don't supervise my kids spontaneously. You don't take them to prison. You don't just try and phone me. You phone me. You respect me as a mother or you leave!
      Jackie: I am doing the best I can.
      Alicia: Well, join the club!

  • Notes

    • International Episode Titles:
      Czech Republic: Nehoda (Accident)

    • Original International Air Dates:
      Czech Republic: February 7, 2010 on Hallmark
      Germany: April 28, 2010 on ProSieben
      Sweden: May 11, 2010 on TV4
      Finland: June 28, 2010 on Nelonen
      Slovakia: September 5, 2010 on JOJ

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