The Good Wife

Season 5 Episode 15

Dramatics, Your Honor

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Mar 23, 2014 on CBS

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  • Dramatics Your Honor

    A shocking episode and a result that I do not think too many people had seen coming. Still, the case in the episode was a little bit dull, but that will be ignored and overshadowed. This was the definition of not seeing something coming.
  • What a Shock !!

    I have never been (so) surprised with any event on a televised show ! I also didn't expect to be so affected by the characters on this show !! I never thought I was so "into" Will as a person, but I guess

    I cared more than I thought ! This has been #1 with us since day one the characters seem so real.

    It is a 10 for sure !!
  • Goodbye so mad at you!

    I gave the episode a straight 10 because Will's death was done beautifully. The show is called The Good Wife BUT I have never been a fan of uptight Alicia.

    Will ,Diana, Kalinda, Peter and Eli's machinations have been why I have followed the show from season 1. I miss Will already so much.
  • I cant stop crying!

    Its like I knew him. Ok I pregnant and highly hormonal but still. This is so awful. I will miss him so much. I think I will have to lie down. I cant believe he is dead.
  • What a shock!

    I am fairly new to 'The Good Wife'. This is not at all the kind of shows I normally watch but I had the chance to watch one episode and got hooked immediately.

    And this last episode, what a shock! Totally unexpected and game changing event! I thought from the beginning that this was an excellent show but not one where people died! Not at all...

    The whole thing was really well written: the young accused blowing a fuse and destroying Will's efforts to defend him. I was wandering how it would all work out. But THAT I did not expect at all...

    This is really well crafted, enjoyable television and it reaches deep into one's emotional ground. I can't wait to see how this cataclysmic event will affect Alicia and the other characters.

    Hard core fans will probably hate me for saying this but if you are new to this show but hesitate to watch it from season 1, I think it is very possible to start around the middle of season 4.

    As for me, I am happy and grateful I joined the show, even though very late, because I think this episode was a great moment of television.
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