The Good Wife

Season 1 Episode 16


Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Mar 09, 2010 on CBS
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Alicia and Will defend an attorney arrested for murder, while Peter strategizes with his team on how to handle his retrial and his public rehabilitation.

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  • An episode unlike any I've seen before. Hurt arises from a tweet account about the Florricks, the firm debates how to make money and whether it's worth it, and an attorney working for a gang boss is accused of allowing a murder.moreless

    This episode made The Good Wife much more gray for me, as in not black and white... It has always been complex, but with only one character pursuing truth and justice (Diane), and that one being a side character, you see more of a clash of (as it was put) cops and lawyers in this one. "You wake up with fleas..." if you sleep with dogs.

    First, I like Eli Gold--kind of like someone likes a shark. He is amusing and quick and funny and cutthroat. His quick-smiling and scrutinizing interactions with Alicia were great.

    Secondly, I hated Peter in this episode. First being overly suspicious, then being controlling with Alicia--did you see his face? He needs power over people--anyone will do, but he'll start with his wife. God.

    Well, it turns out scummy little Becca was the tweeter. Wow. I've always hated her. And the ending--well, being an optimist, I wish they had had that superb scene between Will and Diane as the end, not this "duh duh duh duh DUM" hint.

    So for the actual case... Other than her reactions, we didn't see Alicia much today. (And while we're on her reactions, how cool was her response to getting a bag of money? Really?) We saw Will... I never he was so practical, and so antagonistic. Or prideful. Well, I still like him, but less now. The way he begged to take on the drug dealer was gross, but of course he made it up in admitting how far they had fallen. I can't wait for a third partner. I hope it's someone that's frank and honest, kind of like a kind, better version of Eli. What can I say, I have Alan Shore withdrawal. :)

    So good episode, I liked it, and I give it a nine because I always like it... But it didn't leave me hungry for more. Probably because it was trying to. As always, thanks.moreless
  • Troubles...

    Oh.. that episode had quite many quite good storylines but in the end, it felt little frustrating and quite dark. I am not even sure why i felt that but I did.

    The whole tension rising back home.. Tension between Alicia and the children.. and specially the storylines what are going on with that boy.. his friend, I know, had some deeper agenda all along and now it is revealed but there is mote to come, by the look of the things.

    Back on the firm.. The whole ideological thing: are they out for money or do they have moral obligation too. And Will on court was quite stunning.moreless
  • Fleas

    I loved the guy who made movie references to Alicia and Becca. I act like that, just with TV shows.

    A strong episode of The Good Wife tonight that actually saw Alicia take the backseat to Will and Diane. She was the supporting castmember tonight and they were the stars. Their alcohol-induced light conversations felt reminiscent of the Denny Crane and Alan Shore balcony chats that closed out episodes of Boston Legal. I would like to see more of that.

    But that doesn't mean I am bored with Alicia. Her troubles today were interesting and I am curious to see where things go with her now troubled son. What I love about The Good Wife is that you get a show about parenting, a show about law and a show about political scandals all in one. Can't ask for more than that.moreless
David Turner (III)

David Turner (III)

Mr. Ray

Guest Star

Ana Gasteyer

Ana Gasteyer

Judge Patrice Lessne

Guest Star

Boris McGiver

Boris McGiver

Eric Dorfman

Guest Star

Chris Noth

Chris Noth

Peter Florrick

Recurring Role

Joe Morton

Joe Morton

Daniel Golden

Recurring Role

Michael Boatman

Michael Boatman

Julius Cain

Recurring Role

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    • Eli Gold: (to Becca) You know what you've been? Gum on the bottom of my shoe. Spoiled little brat who will get pregnant at 17, have an abortion at 18 and meet some sweaty frat boy over spring break, and work as a dental hygienist until the day you die.

    • Will: We represent murderers. We get them off.
      Diane: No. We keep the courts honest.
      Will: And why shouldn't the courts be kept honest about Bishop? Everybody deserves representation. Does that stop suddenly when it comes to--
      Diane: A criminal organization whose sole purpose is to sell drugs and to murder to control territory?
      Will: Sure. Put it any way you want, it's still a true statement.
      Diane: We're doing this for the money.
      Will: Of course we are. We're not a charity! We do this or we lay off half of Acquisitions. That's ten lawyers and ten families.
      Diane: Not to mention your season tickets.

    • AUSA Rivers: Mr. Dorfman is in trouble. He's guilty, and his assets are frozen. It would be a mistake to represent him.
      Will: Too late. I already am.
      AUSA Rivers: As of when?
      Will: As of ten seconds ago. Congratulations, Rivers. You just won Dorfman an attorney.

    • (on the phone)
      Peter: How are you doing?
      Alicia: Well, I almost got arrested this morning.
      Peter: You... what?
      Alicia: Do you know an AUSA named Rivers?
      Peter: Yeah. Very intense guy. Out to save the world. Why, what happened?
      Alicia: He was arresting this other lawyer-- it's a long story, but I almost got caught up in the sweep.
      Peter: He's a zealot. Never look a zealot in the eyes.
      Alicia: How are you?
      Peter: Good. I made a BLT. I'm very proud of myself.
      Alicia: You know, this is the closest we've had to a normal conversation.
      Peter: Yeah. I like it.
      Alicia: Maybe we should talk on the phone more.

    • Peter: I found condoms in your bedside table. I was looking for your letter opener. I thought maybe they belonged to Zach. You know, you found them in his room. But then I thought you wouldn't take them. You'd have a sensible conversation with him about responsibility. So then, I thought they were yours. But that didn't make sense because you have an IUD.
      Alicia: I had it removed.
      Peter: Oh, really? So condoms do make sense?
      Alicia: They do.
      Peter: For who? (she snorts and empties her handbag on the bed)
      Alicia: Check it, Peter.
      Peter: I said I was looking for your letter opener.
      Alicia: I have other drawers, too. Did you check these ones? (she opens the wardrobe)
      Peter: I said that I was looking...
      Alicia: How about over here? Did you check this drawer?
      Peter: What is it you need to hear from me? I will never touch another woman again.
      Alicia: What do you want, a prize, Peter? It seems to be the minimum prerequesite.
      Peter: For both of us.

    • Alicia: Are you tweeting about me?
      Cary: Am I tweeting about you?
      Alicia: Are you Upriser7?
      Cary: What are you talking about?
      Alicia: Someone's gossiping online about me.
      Cary: And you thought it was me? (she doesn't respond, her face showing embarassment) Yeah. Yeah, thanks. Yeah, it's good to be working with you, too. (he walks away)

    • Will: Do you have a map?
      AUSA Rivers: Do I have a what?
      Will: A map, so I can show you where you live. That, my friend, was a Chicago defense. Get used to it.

    • Will: I would like a ruling on my objection.
      Judge: You are trying my patience...
      Will: I understand that, Your Honor, but we both know if you don't use the proper form of 'sustained' or 'overruled', the matter can't later be appealed. And I was surprised in reviewing your past court cases, how often you encouraged lawyers to move on without actually ruling, therefore avoided having your non rulings overturned on appeal. (he pauses) In my opinion.
      Judge: Mr. Gardner, I have never been quite so offended in all my years on the bench.
      Will: I understand that, Your Honor, but I still want a ruling. A ruling I can appeal.

    • Diane: Didn't we agree to not take this?
      Will: No, we agreed to cut the flowers and the paper cups. The least I can do is take the cases I want.
      Diane: You sure this isn't pride?
      Will: Of course, it's pride. What's wrong with pride? Pride built the pyramids.
      Diane: And Watergate.

    • Will: (about having a third partner) You're okay with giving up a third?
      Diane: Of what, a sinking ship? Sure. We'll kill each other if we don't find a referee.
      Will: A third partner? Someone neutral, someone we both agree on? (she nods and they clink glasses) An optimism fills the void.
      Diane: I think that's alcohol.
      Will: Just as good.

    • Eli Gold: See, I have a lot of friends. I'm sure you do too but the only difference is my friends are not in homeroom. So I want you to listen to me. Stop tweeting. If you tweet, I will know you tweet and I will--have you seen "Drag Me to Hell"? It will be just like that.

    • Diane: This is a power play, pure and simple.
      Will: Nothing here is pure, and nothing here is simple.

    • Alicia: You can't tarnish an entire firm based on one case.

  • NOTES (4)

    • International Episode Titles:
      Czech Republic: Blechy (Fleas)

    • Who the heck played Bishop & "Becka" ? - "Asian Owner" gets credit, but not the two pivotal characters in the episode? :P

    • Original International Air Dates:
      Canada: March 9, 2010 on Global
      United Kingdom: May 6, 2010 on More4
      Czech Republic: May 23, 2010 on Hallmark
      Germany: August 11, 2010 on ProSieben
      Finland: September 13, 2010 on Nelonen
      Slovakia: November 22, 2010 on JOJ

    • Emily Bergl (Bree) and Matt Czuchry (Cary) both starred on the show Gilmore Girls.
      Also, Julianna Margulies (Alicia) and Sharif Atkins (AUSA Rivers) were both regulars on ER, but not at the same time.


    • Eli Gold: I will...have you seen "Drag me to hell"? "Drag Me to Hell" is a horror film directed by Sam Raimi and released in 2009