The Good Wife

Season 2 Episode 20

Foreign Affairs

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Apr 12, 2011 on CBS

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  • Disrespectful characterization

    Sad pathetic and poor was the vision about the Latin American leaders.

    Very insulting to Venezuela voters.

    Unexpected in a show like this that always provides excellent material.
  • The bad wife


    I found this episode insulting to the point I will never watch this show again.

    If Hugo Chavez, an democratically elected president, is a dictator then Barack Obama is one too.

    Like it or not, he won perfectly clean democratic elections (more clean and democratic than USA's, specially the ones that made George W Bush president) and the Venezuela Congress is, as far as I know, working fine and as it is supposed to work.

    Also I know, the guy is sort of a clown, but, believe me, he is more intelligent than any of the latest USA presidents and a better leader, too.

    So, to portrait him as a banana republic dictator is insulting, racist and shows the deep ignorance the USA has about the rest of the world.

    So, this is good bye to the Good Wife.

    Good bye and never come back, you ignorant slut!

  • 220

    Wow, what an episode of The Good Wife. A lot to get to here.

    The Hugo Chavez thing was a little bit over the top, but the show's veteran cast made it work. Seeing Fred Thompson pop up was a nice surprise, and the deliberations were interesting, I'll admit that much.

    America Ferrera made what is most likely her last appearance on the show as Natalie Flores. I would have liked to see Natalie and Eli do something, but I understand why the show might be weary about that. Alan Cumming has been brilliant all year and hopefully they give him another campaign to work on next season.

    The big reveal came at the end as Alicia discovered that her husband Peter slept with her best friend Kalinda. An emotional moment to close the show and I think we all are upset that it will be a few weeks before we get their reactions.
  • We follow Alicia through an eventful day where the Lockhart/Gardner lawyers end up on the bench with Hugo Chavez, dictator, against an oil company. The DA elections are finally here and Kalinda gets very worried...

    This was a superb installment. The camera follows Alicia as she meets up with her realtor to view a fine house somewhere in the suburbs. People keep on calling her. Everybody wants something from her: The new temp (the former nanny who Eli Gold took under his protective wings) has new insight in an important case. Eli Gold tries to convince her to give an interview. Diane is convinced by the Democratic Committee to give Alicia the afternoon off, so that she can give an interview that she does not want to give in the first place. The investigator from Child's office follows Alicia to ask her about the missing pages from the Blake interview. And Will follows Alicia with longing eyes throughout the episode.
    Well, where did it all lead? Alicia gave the interview. Will watches her on TV and thinks her 'fantastic'. Peter won the elections. The kids are happy. Peter's mom is happy. Eli Gold is happy until he has to say goodbye to that nanny/daytrader/translator. Alicia is mostly stressed and quite happy with everything until she realizes that it was Kalinda the investigator was referring to. Kalinda is tense and we have reason to believe that things are going to change as Alicia leaves the election party crying... Some things cannot be forgiven. Might Alicia seek revenge? Will there finally be some interaction between Alicia and Will? Alicia has taken too much crap already, she has to take her life back. But can 'The Good Wife' live on without a 'good' wife?
    Somehow they managed without the candidate, which is somewhat remarkable given that it was election night. But I'm sure he was needed somewhere else...
    Can't wait till the next episode, whenever that will be.
  • Absolutely unbelievable!

    This episode not only blew me out of the water in terms of story but it also had some of the best acting of the season! Not only did they have a great sub-story but they were also able to maintain the momentum of the other stories going on, Eli and Alicia, Eli and Natalie, Kalinda's story, Alicia's story. It was a great episode but the unending was just amazing, the look on her face when she walks out is heartbreaking. I have come to respect the actors and actresses in this show so much, because they give it their all every episode. I have really come to adore Alicia and Eli. They are just so great together and I can't wait to see what Eli does when he finds out that Peter has hurt Alicia again. I think he will have a hard time working with him again. On a side not it was interesting to see Kalinda playing matchmaker with Will and Alicia, you can tell how much she respects Alicia and wants her to be happy. I think she feels horrible for sleeping with Peter and is going to do every thing in her power to win back Alicia's trust.
    I have no idea how Alicia is going to be able to deal with this betrayal though, both by Peter and Kalinda. This sets up a new story arc, and I think this show is just going to get better and better. I can't wait to see what happens next.
  • Great episode that could lead to so many possible story arcs.

    This episode of 'The Good Wife' was one of my favourites this season, not because of the drill contractors, but because of the secret underlying story about betrayal and broken trust which could lead to any manner of event s in the coming episodes. I would also like to highlight that it is hinted that Peter is going to ascend the governmental ranks in the future, most likely the centre-point of season three. It seems that if Peter becomes a higher ranking member of the government he may go to Washington to pursue the presidency eventually which will see Eli Gold reunited with Wendy Scott Carr's old baby-sitter. Lets keep watching and find out.