The Good Wife

Season 2 Episode 20

Foreign Affairs

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Apr 12, 2011 on CBS

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  • The bad wife


    I found this episode insulting to the point I will never watch this show again.

    If Hugo Chavez, an democratically elected president, is a dictator then Barack Obama is one too.

    Like it or not, he won perfectly clean democratic elections (more clean and democratic than USA's, specially the ones that made George W Bush president) and the Venezuela Congress is, as far as I know, working fine and as it is supposed to work.

    Also I know, the guy is sort of a clown, but, believe me, he is more intelligent than any of the latest USA presidents and a better leader, too.

    So, to portrait him as a banana republic dictator is insulting, racist and shows the deep ignorance the USA has about the rest of the world.

    So, this is good bye to the Good Wife.

    Good bye and never come back, you ignorant slut!