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discussion of episode #401"i fought the law"

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    i was surprised to see that discussion of this episode had not begun. iv'e noticed this trend on other shows too? but of the many pretty interesting shows on tv this one is by far one ofthe most intellegent and deserves intellegent discussion afterward. we use to do that? choice of guest stars was great. dramatic roles for actors who are known for outright comedy(nathane lane) and (mark warren)an english star who i have seen do both well. check out "hustle" similar to "leverage",but british and now on i think universal HD...(very good, a big hit in uk) for the story while itwas clear that peter'sson was targeted,imagine how many avg. people,they mentioned it actually, that would not have the means, legal resources or smarts to know,preform etc..nice to have rich powerful parents regardless if you did something wrong or not...for me that was was the part that that hit home. of course the whole of it is dirty politics and how power is addicting and dangerous. and speaking of dangerous,that theme is played out withkalind's situation as well. she is addicted to both and plays as well in that arena as anyone can. kalinda has alot on her plate. i love seeing actors who i have seen in playful parts become creepy and loathsome,i think mark warren has proven to be a good pick,i wouldn't have thought of much stuffed into one episode,and it conrinues next week with "andthe law won"

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    I totally agree with you, The Good Wife is one of the best shows in TV land and it is pitiful to see the lack of interest it generates. Maybe it is for another reason, a year back when they started messing with the site I was totally cut off from participating in most forums and contributing, among other things, just because the computer I had the higher IE it accepted was IE8. I moved to other sites and recently I returned thanks to a new computer but then I noticed that the dynamic present in this site was totally different. My guess is that many like me that were active a year back just got tired.
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