The Good Wife

Season 4 Episode 15

Going for the Gold

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Mar 03, 2013 on CBS

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  • Going for the Gold

    By The Good Wife's standards this was a slow-moving and dull episode. Hopefully bringing Eli back into the campaign fold will liven things up, but even the debate was far from exciting.

    Wish they would do more with the Cary/Alicia feud than having them bicker about hours too.
  • Two weeks later...

    What a difference two weeks can make in the TV universe. Two weeks ago, the schedule actually gave us a Sunday off to digest all the ambitious evil people of "Lockhart & Gardner", everything not morally acceptable was not only fair play but highly encouraged. Suddenly Alicia and Peter are going on a date, is that actually how diner is now called between married people? Peter wins a political debate by being aggressive towards his opponent. Please give us a break! Whatever minor attacks he threw at our former ER star were so civil, our true life politicians could learn something from. Sadly they probably would not win any let's face it, if Maddie lost the debate because she, a successful CEO, tried to reduce costs, then no American businessman would ever win an election in the US. Yes, I do remember Romney lost a few months ago, but does anyone actually believe he lost because he was a good businessman, or simply because he was a poor politician? Continuing on the anti-vitriolic episode, I seem to recall a younger and not so much younger Kyle McLachlan actually trying to fight for his beliefs whether distributing donuts in Twin Peaks or from a wheelchair in Desperate Housewives. In yesterday's episode he purely appeared to be squandering federal money get to bed the opposing counsel... an endeavor in which, by the way, he also failed. Last but not least, when have you seen a lawyer trying to reduce the bill of a client, a criminal client to add insult to injury.

    We are really left wondering: Is the joke on us? Were the producers so scared we would ran away from "The Good Wife" because she just became a true American lawyer? How can we cope with characters who not only change from episode to episode but are so radically different as to make us doubt they are actually being played by the same actors or playing in the same series?

    Is there a chance, any chance whatsoever the river starts once again running in the right direction, whatever that direction is. This is not "Lost" where changes in direction made the narrative what it was. "The Good" wife has never been about form,about the way the story is to be told. It used to be, not so long ago, a story of interesting people trying to achieve something, not just discovering if the island is alive or not. I doubt and hope all is not lost, after all there seems to be many more things than can actually happen, many more stories that can be told. Cary has to explode at one point or another for being always on the losing side of all internal political battles. Peter seems to be an ideal vice-presidential candidate, Josh wants to replace Bud Selig (by the way has anyone noticed his baseball is gone) and Alicia has everything going for her to be the third named partner. So, dear producers, please stop worrying so much about the February sweeps and get on with delivering a good story with plausible characters.