The Good Wife

Season 5 Episode 11

Goliath and David

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Jan 05, 2014 on CBS
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  • Goliath And David

    There was a little bit of comedy courtesy the guest stars, but more importantly there was an interesting case and one that probably takes place in the music industry on a daily basis. Good episode.
  • Another headline ripper

    Good Wife does another headline ripper, with a case obviously inspired by Glee's blatant ripoff of Jonathan Coulton's mellow arrangement of Sir Mix-a-Lot's "Baby Got Back", with a dead giveaway being Glee copying Coulton's lyric change of "Mix-a-lot's in trouble" to "Johnny C's in trouble". (The writers bend over backwards not to drop Coulton's name, ludicrously substituting Rick Astley's, despite their annoying musical analog sounding nothing like his work. Also, failing to sound hip by misusing 'rickroll' like a Phil Dunphy .)

    Their attempt to write hip-hop is about as dire as their attempt to write stand-up comedy last season, made more tiresome by repetition. At least we have the welcome presence of F. Murray Abraham around to leaven this attempt too. Would've liked a little more of him. And Will gets more flustered by Alicia than I'd expect of someone who kept the lid on a workplace affair for months.moreless
  • Copyright Issues.

    The actual court case between Florrick / Agos and Gardner / Preston about copyright issue over a song (which actually drove me crazy "Thicky Trick") i thought was laughable. But what Alicia did to Will by changing her clothes to throw him of his guard was very well played as Alicia said to Will, something like the night you banged me the first time. (Alicia should be more like that all the time). Both songs when played in court at the same time sounded exactly the same, never the less Robyn actually found the proof and Florrick / Agos won the case. Not much of Diane in this episode and what really does Damien actually do at LG apart from get information about Kalinda and Jenna's sex life (i think Kalinda could do better in my opinion). So Marilyn's baby daddy is Peter Bogdanovich and who stole the security tape from the hotel, but Eli has much bigger problems with security video about to be leaked by Ann Stevens showing ballot boxes from Peter's election. (wasn't there a problem with the exact same thing last season and Zak actually brought it to Alicia's attention when Zak was in charge at a polling booth). Fantastic Episode Again (just take that song away).moreless

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