The Good Wife

Season 2 Episode 17

Ham Sandwich

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Mar 22, 2011 on CBS

Episode Recap

The law firm takes up the case of Lemond Bishop, a drug kingpin who is in the middle of getting a divorce. He wishes to reconcile with his estranged wife, but she is adamant about seeing the divorce through, as she's upset that he cheated on her.

Meanwhile, Kalinda must testify in front of a grand jury to answer for past crimes and brought to light by Glenn Childs and Blake. Alicia tells Kalinda to keep pleading the fifth during her testimony.

Eli realizes that with Peter's rival locking up the liberal vote, they must go after the blue-collar voters, which might mean having to accept their prejudiced beliefs. Eli thinks that they should fire the young preacher whom Peter took on as a spiritual adviser because he's a minority. Grace, who is still enthralled by the preacher, is upset with this. She also points out to Eli that Zach has a black girlfriend.

Bishop is upset that his young son may be called in to testify, after the boy admits that he doesn't like it when people say bad things about his dad. Bishop agrees to go ahead with the divorce, upset that his wife would go as far as exploiting their son to get a settlement. Kalinda meanwhile has discovered something troubling, Mrs. Bishop was also having an affair.

Kalinda realizes during her time on the stand that she's not Childs' real target: Will and Diane are, and Alicia tells them that Childs is talking to them via Kalinda. Will confronts Blake, who admits that since he's been granted immunity, he has to tell the truth about everything, including the theft Will was involved in.

Eli talks to Alicia about keeping Zach (and his girlfriend) away from the school while Peter is paying a visit. He also says that after the election, Alicia should buy a big house somewhere and move out of her apartment, since she'll be able to afford better things. After Grace tells Alicia about Eli's plans to keep Zach and Nisa out of the public eye, Alicia confronts Eli, demanding that Zach still be with Nisa.

The case against Kalinda mounts as a witness is found who can identify her as the person who placed Dr. Booth into a coma. Childs gives Kalinda an offer: two years minimum in prison, or full immunity if she agrees to testify against her law firm.

Bishop's divorce proceedings grow easier when Mrs. Bishop overdoses. Cary calls Alicia saying that the State Attorney's key witness has suddenly disappeared. Agos may be thinking of returning to Lockhart/Gardner as well.

Alicia and Kalinda have a heart to heart while downing tequila shots, with Alicia admitting that she doesn't want to do what Eli suggested she do after the election, and Kalinda saying that she's shoring up friends in order to have them help her when the time comes.

Later Kalinda meets up with Blake in an underground garage. Blake reveals that he's uncovered a lot more about Leela. Why is Kalinda so close to Alicia? Leela had an affair with Peter, and Peter helped cover it up by changing her name to Kalinda.

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