The Good Wife

Season 5 Episode 5

Hitting the Fan

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Oct 27, 2013 on CBS

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  • My God, You're awful!

    One of the best episodes of TV Drama in a long time.

    One of the strengths of this show is that not all the leads are likable and, I suspect, Alicia will at times be quite unlikable.

    Or as Will said to her, " My God you're awful and you don't even realise you're awful"

    Will be interesting to see the relationship between Dianne and Florrick/ Argos especially now that peter is going to shaft her with the Judgeship.

    All in all, it shows the cut-throat world of politics and law, and how no matter what, who wins is what matters most.
  • Hitting the Fan

    There was a lot of hype around the episode and it was as good as advertised. The attention to detail and the well-written chaos concerning the exit was perfectly done.

    Better yet, they leave you wanting to see what happens next. The Good Wife didn't need this shot in the arm of Florrick/Agos vs. Lockhart/Gardner, but it certainly is the right direction for the show moving forward.
  • Alicia is kicked out before leaving

    We knew that Alicia and Cary were leaving , but when Diane found out in the last episode and told Will things got out of control. I must say I deeply disliked the way Will acted, I think that if Alicia and him hadn't been involved in a relationship he wouldn't have acted that way and I also think that if Alicia had been a man that violent outburst would have ended in a fist fight, I found it a bit chauvinist to say the least.

    Then there is the scene when Alicia was crying in the elevator and I felt sorry for her although she had it coming in a way because it was true that after her husband's affair Lockhart Gardner had given her the possibility of starting again ,not that she didn't deserve one.

    And Kalinda, OMG, I didn't see that coming . The way she fooled Cary was incredible. She probably doesn't consider Alicia a close friend although there was a time when they shared everything even if one of them didn't know.

    Diane was impeccable when she convinced Cary and Alicia to drop the restraining order so that they could talk to Chum Hum. Little did she knew that her plan was going to backfire in an unexpected way thanks to Peter's help. I guess Peter is now The Good Husband ,but I am afraid it may not last long.

    It was an unforgettable episode from the beginning to the you are not hooked on the show yet ,

    you still have time to witness the best lawyer show on air at the moment.

  • Never thought I'd say this...

    I'm completely over Alicia at this point. She's thrown in her lot with a pack of idiots (that one clown still whining about bonuses is particularly pathetic) and she's perfectly okay with Peter abusing his position to make her new venture work. I almost hope Peter ends up cheating on her and she ends up with nothing, and I never imagined I'd end up siding with Diane and Will against her.
  • Outstanding on so many levels

    Phenomenal episode. Rich in dialog, acting and plot twists. Great setup for the two competing law firms.
  • She knew when she was not wanted.

    . Everybody wished she move with Alicia and Cary.

    But how? Cary not even once thought about it.

    Even when Kalinda was begging and bargaining her way in, Cary expected a miracle of getting the Chumhum files. That was the biggest blunder Cary ever made. He hurt her badly.

    Poor Kalinda. She then tried to regain the trust that she will never get back again.

    Be sure to see that Kalinda will get into trouble, especially when a new investigator will be hired and become a difficult competitor.
  • Hit it out of the park

    The Good Wife has always been one of the best series on network television but "Hitting the Fan" took it to a height usually only reserved for cable shows such as Game of Thrones or Breaking Bad. The brilliant combination of writing and acting and even background music gave rise to one of the most tense episodes seen on television. The dash of humor should be enough to propel this into contention for next year's Emmy for best episode.
  • Best episode of the series

    This season has been beyond amazing this far, and this episode was the perfect conclusion for the arc that now launch the show into its next phase.
  • I never liked Alicia anyway!

    I think Alicia has always been a snake and I always hated her smarmy moral high ground.

    BUT the show is awesome!!!! And we are in for some exciting times. I love it.
  • Explosive

    This episode was really explosive with Will discovering that Alicia (and Cary and all the others 4th years) is leaving the firm with some client. This episode was the declaration of war between both firms of lawyers. Will is really upset by this departure and is living this as a treason from Alicia.

    Through this war we can see that there is something that is not over between Will and Alicia because them fighting is like there are liberating the sexual tension that always existed between them.

    This episode revealed another side of Alicia using Peter to get what she wants. This season and, in particular, in this episode she became more calculating and tried to improved her career by all means.

    This episode bring a lot of prospect for the rest of season with this war which is not going to be played fairly and will be dirty. The relationship between Will and Alicia will be completely different but the alchemy between both characters is not over and will expressed itself on an more aggressive form.

    The biggest looser in all this mess is Diane (but she got the guy in the previous episode) because she is no longer an associate in her own firm and she won't be a judge... what will happen for her???
  • this episode kicked ass!!!

  • Lawyers and money but no guns!

    Completely riveting episode! For anyone who has suffered the indignation of being escorted out of a workplace or been involved in the thrill of starting a new company, this was the stuff. Like 45 minutes of two great sports teams banging it out in full fury. My only regret is that it looks like it is going to be awhile before the next episode and I want it now!